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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday Night Lights!

Friday night, Jeremy, Holden and I went to Jeremy's high school homecoming. It wasn't a special year, as he graduated in 1998. But it was the first year that we have lived close and so it felt convenient enough to go. And Jeremy was kind of excited about it. He thought Holden would love his first football game experience. We dropped off Pax at Granny's house for the evening since kick off was at bedtime, and we figured he would be happier to play (or sleep) at her house. Thank you Granny for keeping Paxton for us Friday evening!
I had been to one Celina Bobcat football game year ago. It was back in college and I think they were playing in the play-offs and just happened to be in Abilene. So I went with Jeremy and some others to the game. I don't remember much about it. If you've heard of Celina, it's probably because of football. To say they LOVE their football is an understatement. A HUGE understatement. We own a documentary that was made on Celina football. You can see it here. The documentary will kind of make you love the team. And the coaches. Anyways, we parked miles away and walked to the stadium. As we approached, I saw the sea of orange. Jeremy, Holden and I were not wearing orange. And we stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone wears the school colors. I saw several babies (some that couldn't even sit up yet) dressed in their orange and white cheerleading uniforms with a huge bow topping their heads. Jeremy was shocked by my amazement and thought all schools did this. Not true. Too bad you can't really tell from the photo, but the stands were covered in orange. Craziness.

Holden walking to the stadium with Aunt Brandy and cousin Hannah. He loves these two!

The Bobcat stopped for me to take a picture. Holden actually liked the mascot and was sad to see it walk away. But when I snapped the picture, he was suddenly interested in something else.

The infamous football team.

I mentioned that kick off was at bedtime. 7:30pm. Holden does pretty well these days, staying up later at night and naptime. That is, if there's something interesting going on. Here he was at about 7:45pm and that is pretty much how he remained for the evening. We had to pass him around some because he's pretty heavy to hold for chunks of time. But he preferred daddy's boney shoulder over anyone else.You might notice that we are standing, along with many others. Well, at the Celina football games, there is standing room only. Unless you go super early or have some sort of pass with a designated seat. And this is not because it's homecoming. From what I hear, that is just how it is every week since most of the town shows up to the games.
And my favorite picture of the evening (even though it's blury). . .
Yes, this is part of the homecoming court traveling the field on a John Deer. Yep, a John Deer. This made Brandy and I laugh alot. Jeremy and Brandy swear that in the past, they rode in a convertible sports car. But I guess recently, the ride was upgraded to this fancy John Deer. :) Lucky girls. I believe the Homecoming Queen had a John Deer all to herself. She didn't have to share. And though you can't tell from the lighting in the picture, the girl in the middle is wearing an orange dress. More school pride, I guess.

It was a fun night. Jeremy got to see a few people. Not a ton, but a few. Unfortunately, he saw no one from his graduating class. Maybe on a more recognized year than year 12. But he was able to see some teachers and coaches that probably hadn't seen him in 12 years. I spoke to some. And one sort of informed me that I had gotten quite the catch of a husband. I believe her. :) We left after halftime due to Holden's lack of enthusiasm and the lack of recognizable alumni for Jeremy. Pretty sure they won the game, as I think they were up by 20+ points when we left. Go Bobcats!


The Myers said...

Oh Celina Football Games! I hate to love them, if you know what I mean. So glad you and Holden got to experience your first home game. :)

Laura said...

Fun! Wish I had been there! I saw pictures from the game posted on Facebook with the Homecoming court in the John Deere's, and was a bit surprised myself. Although, I'm pretty sure the convertibles they used to ride in back in our day were borrowed from McIlroy Chevrolet, and they have since been bought out by someone that has since closed it down, so that's probably the reason they don't have the convertibles anymore. But seriously...a John Deere? Wow. LOL