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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If the shoe fits . . .

One of the perks of having 2 boys very close in age is the hand-me-downs. I have now gotten to the point that once I fill a box of clothes that Holden has outgrown, I simply move that box from the floor of Holden's closet to the floor of Paxton's closet. I don't see the need of placing it in the attic. They have plenty of room in their closets. And chances are Pax will be in those clothes the very next season. So that's what I do. And shoes. Of course I planned to pass on all of Holden's cute shoes. Cute shoes. But cheap shoes. Most of them came from Target and a few from Old Navy. And of course several have come from cousin Cameron. I don't think I've ever paid more than $10 for kids shoes. They outgrow them too fast. Well, now that mister Pax is walking, he needs to be wearing shoes. We haven't put shoes on him at all up to this point. And 2 weeks ago I was trying to cram his chubby little foot into Holden's Baby Gap navy sneakers (purchased on sale, of course). They were size 5. Seemed reasonable for my 1 year old. Comparing his foot to the shoe, it looked like it should be a perfect fit. But they were so hard to get on. And I was convinced that he was squishing up his toes on me because he didn't want to wear those awkward feeling shoes. When Jeremy and I did finally get them on his feet (yes, it did take both of us), we stood him up and both heels popped right back out. So the boy has been going shoeless until last week.

Mom was at my house last week and we headed to the mall with Pax on Holden's MDO day. When we passed Stride Rite and we stopped and looked. I pretty quickly said something like "I'm not going to pay $30 for a pair of shoes that my child will outgrow in 2 months." We spent several hours at the mall and before we left, mom suggested that we at least have his feet measured. Well, there is a reason it was so hard to get his chubby little feet into that size 5. Paxton's current shoe size is a 6.5XW. Not just wide. But EXTRA WIDE. Hmmmmm. I guess that I will be paying $30 for shoes that he will outgrow in a few months. To make myself feel better about the $30 shoes, I found a pair for $10 also. 2 pair for $40 sounds so much better than 1 pair for $30. And we'll just ignore the fact that Jeremy called the $10 pair of shoes ugly. They're not. They just look like white sneakers for a baby. Plain. Nothing special. But not really ugly. And here is Pax and Holden's little feet in their new shoes.

On the left, $30 Stride Rite shoes. On the right, $7.50 Old Navy shoes. I prefer the look of the Old Navy, even if the price tags were hidden. Holden's are just more my style. But until Paxton's feet lose some weight, I guess he'll be wearing the fancy-shmancy shoes.


Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

We've had the same problem with Will's feet, they are really chubby and wide. We did the Stride Right thing too a few months ago, but luckily my mom split it with me. Recently we found some great New Balance sneakers at Academy that open up really wide when you unvelcro them. They were like $22. More than I want to pay, but he does wear them everyday. I've found a few pair at Kid to Kid that have worked, but not many.

sarah s said...

That's the same size Cason wears!