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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Airshow and Picnic fun!

This weekend was a big one! We had a weekend full of activities. Things we wanted to do, but these things all fell into 2 days. So we crammed the weekend full and made it work. What else could we do? Saturday morning we bundled up the boys, drove 10 minutes north, donuts and juice in tow, found an inviting parking lot and sat in the back of Jeremy's truck to watch an amazing airshow. I've been waiting for this for the past year. It was really a sight and next year, I think we might try to push through naps and actually purchase tickets to be at the location for the entire day. Yikes, pushing through naps is scary business in this house. But both boys napped for only about 20 minutes Saturday and did amazingly well. Not angelic. But well, going on no sleep. Remember, they are 3-4hour nappers! Here are some pictures from the airshow! It's fun that Pax is getting into airplanes and helicopters and spotting them in the sky. He points and gets so excited. The noise from the jets really didn't bother him and this was a surprise.
Holden loved the airshow and was constantly saying "more urpwane" as soon as a plane would disappear. I love his fascination with airplanes, trains, motorcycles, etc. Such a boy!
Pax particularly enojoyed the snacks we brought along. He ate his baggie of grapes. Then he ate Holden's baggie of grapes. Then he ate the entire baggie of cheerios that was meant to be shared with his brother. He loves to eat!
Ahhh I love this one. Holden's giving me a pretty smile. This normally only happens with bribery. But I didn't bring along candy, so I'm not sure how I got this smile from Holden.

After a couple of hours at the airshow, we went onto Jeremy's company picnic. The boys took a 20 minute cat-nap in the car and then we were set for more fun. I didn't take many pictures at the picnic. Poor Pax was worn out, but such a trooper! Holden had a ball, bouncing and sliding. The slide was big and I just knew he would climb to the top and FREAK out. But instead, he flashed me a huge grin and slid down to me. Again and again and again. He loved the slide.
It was a BUSY weekend. Almost to the point that I can't believe it's Sunday night and I'm a little sad that Jeremy is back to work tomorrow. And he even had Friday with us! The 3 day weekend just flew by too fast! But it was some great family time and more fun memories were made.


Amanda said...

Holden looks so big with his big smile and climbing up the slide steps. *sigh* happens too fast!

The Neaves' said...

Cute pictures and fun weekend! We sat outside in our backyard for a bit Sunday afternoon and watched as they fly over. We've never been to the actual event, but I bet it would be a lot of fun!

everyday graces said...

Wow that's a huge slide! Looks like a fun weekend!