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Monday, October 18, 2010

a dialogue with Holden.

Sometimes it seems like Holden understands so much. And his memory is pretty incredible. At least to me. And I am constanly amazed by the dialogue I'm able to have with my little 2-year old. Well, today he was having a melt-down moment. And I can't really give any good reasons for the melt-down except for the facts that he's 2 and he doesn't always get everything he wants. After the melt-down and talk, he was a little emotional and he stayed curled in my lap. As Pax contently played on the floor, I took a moment to remind Holden what a blessing he is to our family. What an answer to prayer he was for Jeremy and I in May of 2008. I explained how daddy and mommy were praying for a baby, and God sent us baby Holden. With a tiny baby nose. 2 tiny baby eyes. A tiny baby mouth. 2 tiny baby hands and feet. You get the picture. Just going through some details of what our precious baby Holden looked like. And how we thanked God for such a wonderful blessing. Fast forward just a few hours later after our Bible story and prayer. We were cuddled in the chair again. His head was on my chest. I asked him to look at my eyes and he turned his head to see me. Our brief conversation went something like this:

Me: Holden, remember when it was just mommy and daddy and we prayed for a baby. Who did God send us?
Holden: (with big eyes and sweet smile) a punkin cookie.
Me: (after laughing a little) No. God sent us baby Holden.

Oh well. I guess he's not getting everything I say at this point. One day.

Side note: We had leftover pumpkin cookies at our house today. I told Holden that if he ate all his dinner he could have one. He didn't finish his dinner. He did not get a pumpkin cookie. Apparently that is what was on his mind before bedtime tonight.


The Coopers said...

I love it! Such a sweet and funny boy!

adrianne + will said...

He is soooooo sweet! That boy's mind works just like mine! I totally want a "punkin cookie" right now too!

Misty said...

Perfect photo of Holden.

Amanda said...

Hey, maybe that is his new name for Paxton. "Punkin Cookie" is a pretty good just might stick.

So cute!

The Everharts said...

so funny! these are definitely the moments that you want to blog about...otherwise I think you might forget! They grow so fast.