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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the zoo.

Yesterday I was thinking that we hadn't been to a zoo since we left Oklahoma. Meaning Pax has been denied this fun little outing for his entire life. But how could I forget about this amazing zoo trip during our family vacation. But yesterday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo with some friends. It's huge and I'm pretty sure we only saw a quarter of it. But it was a fun time with friends.

I love this picture of the kids. All of them, except these 2.

They were having their own kind of fun in the stroller.

Holden riding the turtle with Avery and Eliana. Notice that he's watching them closely. The girls let us know they were riding at the radio. Not the rodeo, but the radio. :)

Pax and Holden looking at something creepy, I'm sure.

Connor keeping dibs on Holden for me. Holden is a runner! He loves to run. I just prefer him to be within sight. So I loved it when the kids would hold hands. That meant Holden stayed close since he LOVES to hold hands with his friends.

It was a fun day with good friends and some nice weather. We really are LOVING this weather!

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