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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where they lay their heads (Part 2 - Paxton's room)

Yes, Paxton did get hand-me-downs. Not because he was a surprise or anything like that. It was what I had always planned. I'm way to practical to use once and throw away. My mom made all of the bedding and curtains for us months before Holden. And I picked out the fabric before we ever knew boy or girl. I wanted something gender neutral and to be used more than once. And after 2 babies, I think it will have gotten plenty of use. But after 16 months, I wasn't ready to part with it and I really wanted to pass it down to Pax. So even though it's hand-me-downs from Holden, I still love it-love it-love it. If you remember Holden's room in Oklahoma . . . well, let's just say it almost identical. Now come inside. But I'm not sure that Pax is very excited about you touring his room. Kind of looks like he is standing guard.

Changing table. Dream sign with his very first outfit purchased by his nana (so NOT a hand-me-down). Hard to believe he was so small! Diaper stacker (also made by mom/nana) hanging from shelf. Sweet initial blocks given by a friend with a newborn picture of Pax.

The Paxton sign that I love! Also a gift from a friend. The rocking chair, that is oh so comfy, but honestly, rarely used.

His bed. He sleeps like a rock in this bed. Put him in a pack-n-play and totally different story. No one in a 5 mile radius sleeps! Vacation is coming and we can't take his bed with us. Should be fun! :)

His dresser, lamp and stuffed animals. On his wall, the only thing that I can claim in the room. And honestly, I stole the idea from a picture online. Laundry hamper and shelf for tiny books. Closet on the right. The end.
And this is where the little man sleeps.

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everyday graces said...

These posts are fun! Colin's room is airplanes too :-) and I like all the frames on Pax's wall.