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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where they lay their heads (Part 1 - Holden's room)

Since our move into the house, people have asked to see pictures of the boys bedrooms. I had intended to share them but things were just busy, initially. We completed the rooms rather quickly after our move. I just never got around to taking the pictures and posting them. But here we go. Holden says to you all, "Welcome to mi casa." We're teaching him Spanish. Okay, not really.

Around the time of our move, Holden became obssessed with airplanes. And since we were passing all of his babyish bedding, furniture and decor to the little brother, I knew I wanted to redo his room. So we went with his love for airplanes. We found these really cool vinyl ones for his wall.
Found his new little crib on Craigslist and Jeremy drove all of 5 minutes to pick it up. And I had acutally wanted a white crib, just for something different than what he had before. So it was perfect. Found the airplane bedding on for half of that they were charging at Target. Score!
I just wanted to show you 2 of Holden's best buddies. Commonly referred to by him as "Soggy" and "Munttee". He does not sleep without them. The frog was a gift from one of his baby showers. The sock monkey was his adoption finalization gift from us. So special!
I know. The room looks kind of empty. I love that the room is big, but with just a chest of drawers and a crib, it does feel empty. I would like to add something . . . just not sure what. All of his books and toys are right outside his room in the play area. So there just isn't a need for much else. Literally, it's just the place that he sleeps.
His little name, a white shelf that already existed from the previous owners and his chest of drawers. On the chest is his CD player since he listens to music at night. Also a picture frame that says "brothers" with a picture of he and Pax. And his story time Bible that Jeremy reads to him every night before bed.
And the closet. The end. Stay tuned for Paxton's sweet nursery.

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The Bradts said...

I love the vinyl airplanes! Those are darling!