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Sunday, June 13, 2010

little road trip.

This past Monday morning, the boys and I headed to Papa J and Nana's for a visit. We were able to spend several days enjoying the company of Nana during the day and both grandparents during lunch and in the evenings. The boys enjoyed a morning at the outlet mall, an afternoon in the backyard pool, some time on the tire swing and lots of moments of cuddling with some of their favorite people. All the while daddy back home, worked and worked and worked and worked. We enjoyed our visit and it is always a comfort to know they are just a little over an hour away. That's just a cat nap for those boys that ride in my backseat. Here those boys are STRETCHING to hold hands. Cute. :)


everyday graces said...

the pic of them holding hands just melts my heart! I have a similar pic of C & K.

The Skains Family said...

Aww, I am so glad you are close to them now! Those boys are just too stinkin cute. I also read your post about the big pool. I finally can take both girls by myself to the pool now, so maybe next year you will be there. The only reason I can though is because they have a little kiddie pool area for them to run around and splash in. That's not to say I am not a nervous wreck the whole time by myself, but hey that's not the point right? Miss you!