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Friday, June 4, 2010

Some current details about this boy:

It's about Holden today and some of the things he's doing.
1) He's into tissing (aka kissing) boo-boos or owies. He uses those terms interchangably. I kiss his and in exchange, he offers to kiss mine.

2) It seems his vocal volume is just turned up a notch. Everything he says is a little louder than what I like to think is normal. So when I ask him to whisper (normally because Pax is sleeping and we are close by) he whispers the word "bubba" and then goes back to his loud volume with his other words. :) Today he threw his sock monkey in his crib and told me "muntee seepin". Little Pax had also gone down for a nap about the same time as the sock monkey. So as I carried Holden downstairs, he was talking in his sort of loud volume, saying things like "side" (meaning he wanted to go outside to play). When I told him to whisper in my own hushed voice, he whispered "montee". Made me laugh and kiss his cheek (for the umpteenth time that day!)

3) Occassionally he'll watch a little Tom and Jerry cartoons. He laughs at the most appropriate times. It's just funny to me that his little brain already gets it.
4) He is suddenly a whiz at puzzles. Last week as Jeremy and I were cleaning up toys and Holden began "yelping". And suddenly he started placing puzzle pieces correctly in their spot. We were amazed. We haven't been working on this. I think we just gave up on it several months ago. Apparently, he decided that he was finally ready for it.

5) He is now tall enough and smart enough to lock and unlock the deadbolt on the front door. Not the best timing (for me) for this type of growth spurt. :)
6) When he colors, he hands me a colored pencil and asks me to color with him. He wants to include me in his masterpiece. But he normally scribbles over whatever I have done. :)

7) He loves to sit in a "yap" while you read to him. He will bring me book after book and ask me read to him. One of his favorites that he always chooses is Goodnight Moon. To which he repeats "ni-nite moon." It's always a special time to cuddle up and read.

8) He can blow his nose FULL FORCE. And currently, since I have 2 snotty boys, only having to suction one of those boys is fabulous.

And those are some accomplishments and funny little things he is doing at 2 years.


The Skains Family said...

I love all those cute Holden moments. I especially loved the whispering monkey story. The things they say are precious. And Aubrey ALWAYS colors over my coloring too! What's with that.

everyday graces said...

I love that you include his words :-)