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Saturday, June 26, 2010

10 months today!

Today my little Pax is 10 months old! Good Lord, we're into the 2 digits, which means 1 year is approaching at full speed. It seems like it's gone by a little faster with Pax, than our time with Holden. Maybe just because life has been a little busier and full of changes for our family this time around. But, I have enjoyed every moment. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I can't imagine life without him. There are countless things I get to experience throughout my day that bring a smile to my face and leave me feeling beyond blessed. With Paxton being very mobile (still army crawling, for the most part), he and Holden spend so much time playing together. They chase, laugh, tickle, play peek-a-boo, or as Holden says "peekie-bo'. They wrestle with daddy and sit together on momma's lap to read books. I will put them in a crib together and they act silly, "get one another" and laugh hysterically. Anytime I pick up Pax, Holden says "pway wiff yim". He wants his little bubba on the floor so they can play together. So this stage has been such a delight. Watching these boys connect in a fun, playful way.
This month, Pax has finally picked up on finger foods. He now loves Puffs and Cheerios. In fact, if I give them to him before his purees, he will not eat his fruits and veggies. So I have to leave the Cheerios for last. I have been trying peas, beans and some other small finger foods, to which he has not warmed up to, quite yet. So I will continue to offer it. He still only has 2 bottom teeth so he just naws his little foods with his gums. I love his almost toothless grin. Paxton is pretty self sufficient with his bottle now. Sometimes we cuddle as I feed him. And sometimes he sits in his high chair and holds it himself.Just in the past week, Pax has started pulling up on anything and everything. Sometimes it's the coffee table and sometimes it's my leg. He loves standing now and trying to walk by holding our hands. Though it's a very awkward attempt at walking right now. But you can see the pride in his smile as he makes an attempt. We are cleaning up our little push walker that has been sitting in the garage so he can start getting some practice. I fear that he will be running in no time. :) But we're ready. Each stage is so fun and I love watching Pax reach a new milestone.
He has also begun climbing a little. I feel like I can officially be referred to as his personal jungle gym. He is constantly climbing all over me, pulling on my clothes, as if he is hanging on for his life. He has also become a little braver in his climbing. Holden never climbed onto the dishwasher, so this was a first for me. I turned my back for 5 seconds as I was unloading the dishwasher and this is what I found when I returned. . .Pax loves to sit on his knees and play. And for whatever reason, to me, it just looks so cute! This little boy still is not a fan of strangers. Many people stop us at the grocery store and other places when we are out and about. They talk to him, play with him and try their hardest to get a reaction. But they normally get a serious look or furrowed brow. He doesn't just hand out smiles to anyone. He has his comfort zone of the people he knows and when he is among those people, we really get to see his sweet and happy personality.

Little Pax is now clapping. It's barely a clap. In fact, it's silent. But he is placing those hands together and mimicing our motion. He is also waving. One of the cutest, little waves I have EVER seen.

We snapped a few 10-month pictures today in some clothes that his birth mother, M, had gotten for him. (We were able to visit with her in Texas a few weeks ago.) And because I couldn't choose just 1 picture from today, here are a few of my faves.

My sweet baby boy, you are a perfect fit to our family! You make my heart so full. Each new stage with you becomes better than the last. You are my blessing. And I love you more than you could even know!


Jordan & Angela said...

Time does fly! He is so big and cute as ever! Love that blue shirt!

Molly said...

Love this! He is such a handsome little fella! M has great taste in clothes! So glad you got to see her!

Amanda said...

Such a little man! Can't wait to see you all!

The Coopers said...

what a cutie!! its past time to see those boys! love you guys

Loraena said...

so cute!