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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Summer vacay for my little family is right around the corner. And we can't wait! Jeremy has been working his little tail off and we are ready to relax. All 4 of us. Together for 9 days. No one goes to work. No one cooks. No one cleans. Just some serious family fun time. I can't wait for it to begin. We are headed to The Springs! (As my Colorado sister calls it.) That's Colorado Springs for those still wondering where we're going. And we are driving. It will probably be about 12 hours. Eeek! Luckily I have good little travelers that normally just sleep during extended car rides. And we are going to attempt to drive through the night. The last time we attempted this, we ended up pulling into a sketchy motel in Kansas around 2am. We're just not night drivers. We're night sleepers. But we're going to give it a try. It would be perfect with the boys and then we don't waste any fun daytime driving.

We are going to visit my sister and her fam for a few days. And then we will head to The Springs for some more fun. Holden has been talking about his cousins for a few days now. He calls those 3 little girls Opie (Hope/Hopie), Beh-wuh (Bella) and Ava (which he says correctly). Our last time together, Holden followed Bella around my mom's house all week. She is 16months older than he and they hit it off! She was so good to play with him and share toys with him. And pull him out of mischief when my hands were full with Paxton. Holden will go nuts when he sees these girls! And Paxton can have some baby playtime with cousin Ava. They are only 6 weeks different in age. Little Ava has graciously said that Pax can borrow her crib while we visit. So selfless, that girl! And we have yet to have Pax practice sleeping in his pack-n-play. We seriously have to get on that! Anyways, we love cousins and are excited to see this bunch!

In Colorado Springs we found a great hotel where we were able to get a suite. That way the boys can have a separate space to sleep. That's super so Jeremy and I won't have to call it a day at 7:30pm. During our stay, we plan to visit Focus on the Family. Particularly because it's free and we hear it is absolutely amazing for kids. And my sister mentioned a particular zoo. At first I turned my nose up to that idea thinking, we can go to a zoo here. Well, you see, I was wrong. It is so blasted hot here that we haven't been to the zoo at all this year. I'm a wuss with the heat. Each day that I feel the humidity, this Colorado vacay sounds better and better. So I think the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will be on our list. And then we are also talking about touring the US Air Force Academy because we would love to see Holden flip out. I'm pretty sure he will. He nearly hyperventilates when we drive near the airport and he sees the large planes landing and taking off right over our car. So what else people? Give me some fun ideas for my 2 year old and almost 1 year old. We want to get out and about and do some fun things. And if you have already made some suggestions in person (Erin T) then go ahead and make them again, because I don't remember them. :) We will only have 3 days in The Springs, so with the above, our time might be full. But tell me if there's something you know about that we just shouldn't miss. Or any local restaurants? Remember, I'm not cooking. Now, I better get to packing.


DeBrady said...

When will ya'll be there? We are going to the zoo there on the 15th or 16th. Anyway, Giuseppe's Italian (but they have MANY other things on the menu) It is in an old train depot and ask for a pot by the window b/c trains still come by every little bit. I have also heard of one there that is inside of an airplane, but I dont know the name...sure you could google it! ANyway, have fun...we are headed to Colorado soon too!! :)

DeBrady said...

spot, not pot by the window

Amanda said...

YEAH! You're coming! See you soon!

Oh yeah...and I'm sure some of my friends here will have lots of opinions on where you should go.


HaleyP said...

We just went to "The Springs" in April. We went to Focus on the Family and our boys had an amazing time. We also went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Probably the highlight of our 4 1/2 year olds trip. You get to feed giraffe's off a platform. Very cool! The Air Force Academy was neat too. Our boys drooled over the airplanes and spent a good thirty minutes picking out the perfect souvenir airplane at the gift shop!! The weather is amazing! If you get a chance...hike around at the Garden of the Gods. There are easy, kid friendly short trails to walk through. It really helped our boys burn up some of that stored up energy. Even our almost 2 year old loved it!! Have fun!!

everyday graces said...

sounds fun! be safe

Laura said...

Probably the only thing I miss about living in Colorado Springs(we were stationed at Peterson AFB for 3 years) was this little restaurant in "old town" called Bon Ton's cafe. If you can get there for breakfast, you will not regret it! Although their lunch is good too. It is wonderful--you can eat out on their patio smack dab in the middle of summer and not melt from the heat. Especially if you go for breakfast (because it does get hot in the summer). The zoo is worth it just to get to feed the giraffes--so cool! Ya'll have fun!