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Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Jeremy traveled to Atlanta for work last week. But nana stayed with us to keep us company. We missed Jeremy for those long 5 days, but it was nice to have my mom around. I think Oklahoma had finally decided that it was time for spring. So the times when it wasn’t raining, we enjoyed some time outside. We tried out the new pool on Friday after Jeremy had made it back home. Jeremy even warmed up the water for Holden since it's not really "pool" weather. Holden loved splashing around and playing with his tug boat.Another bonus of this warm weather was sporting some new shortie pajamas! So cute!


kh123 said...

We readers rarely get to see pics of you- your hair looks awesome!

The Myers said...

Yea for pool time! I bet he'll be quite the little fish when you get him in the big pool.

everyday graces said...

cute shortie jammies. i just bought kate some over a week ago.