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Saturday, May 30, 2009 + walking

We have been soaking up the sun in our backyard. Holden is just LOVING his time in the water. I mean, absolutely loves it! I think he could play out there for hours if we allowed it. So we are spending a little time out there, just about every day. A few pictures from today.
cute little belly! love that outie button!

Like the new sun hat? I had to search for one with a chin strap because I knew he wouldn't leave it on otherwise. So I found this little hat at Target today. Not important info to you, I know. But important info is coming. So while in Target, I am looking for the perfect hat. Jeremy and Holden are with me roaming around nearby. We didn't bring the stroller in because it was just a quick stop. But these days Holden sometimes wants to walk holding our hands rather than being carried. Sometimes that's perfectly fine. So I am looking over the hats while Jeremy is walking Holden around behind me. Suddenly Jeremy calls for me. I turn around. And there's my baby walking down the aisle, all by himself and giggling with pride. He walked about 5 yards. It was far!!! Then he came to a stop, lost his balance and sat down. During the walking, Jeremy and I were cheering and clapping and almost screaming. While 2 ladies were looking at us like we were a bit nuts. So Jeremy starts shouting, "He's walking. He's never done this before." I think he shouted it more than once. Daddy was EXCITED and quite proud of his boy! And the ladies got it, they caught our excitement, and cheered along with us. Holden has been taking 3 or 4 steps every now and then. But today he really took off. He did it once more at home this evening, but for the most part he's still crawling. I have to say, I am relieved to know that walking is coming. And no longer will I have to prevent him from scraping up those precious knees on concrete. He just doesn't understand why I don't want him crawling on the concrete. I can't even stand the sound of it, not to mention what it does to those little legs. Kind of a big day at our house. Hopefully I will have a walking video soon. (And yes, I realize that the video will be more for me than you.)


Molly said...

Oh my! What a fun time! I so wish I was there with you in Target and could hear that throught the ailse (sp?). The other plus to walking is that he's getting so big!

Love those pictures and love that outie too! You should see Sadie's-its more than just an outie! We can't wait to have you come and swim! What fun!

Tracy said...

Super fun achievement! Yea Holden!