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Sunday, May 24, 2009

H2O Obsessed!

I have recently come to realize that Holden just absolutely loves the water. I always knew that he loved taking a bath, but I am thrilled to know that it is any sort of body of water that excites him. Since it has finally warmed up outside, Holden has gotten to play in his little baby pool a few times. And today we finally brought out the water table that we bought him for his birthday. He just can’t get enough of playing and splashing in the water. The temperature doesn’t matter. If it seems a little cold, he will quiver his lips and continue to splash and splash. I love that he enjoys the water. I do myself. In fact, I spent many a summers finding jobs to be in the water – teaching swim lessons, life guarding, etc. Here are a few pictures from today of Holden and his new obsession. Should make for a fun summer! This is the excited face. Imagine along with that face, a hyperventilating-type noise.
Playtime with daddy.

Nothing like a cold drink of water to beat the heat!

Pure excitement! I'm telling you, the boy can't get enough of this type of fun.


April said...

You inspired me. Off to Walmart to get our water toys! I love the hyperventilating noises. Soooo cute!

Molly said...

WOOHOO for summer! Endless days of playing outside. We have to make a playdate for the pool. Ours just opened on Saturday and Holden can come play with us! Just let me know of a day that would work for you all! We miss Holden (oh, and his momma of course)!

The Myers said...

How fun! I bet he's going to be a little fish in the big pool as well. LOVE the "excited face".

Daysha said...

Such fun Holden. Maybe your friend Lyndon will be more fun for you next time! We can't wait.

The Stanphill Family said...

Man, I cant wait to see that excited face in person. We have got to connect somewhere down the line again! We miss you guys!