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Friday, May 22, 2009

One year check-up.

Last Monday we went to Holden’s one year check-up and also had to get those mean ole shots. So at one year, our boy is weighing in at 23lbs 10oz(50-75%) and 31inches long (75-90%). Long and lean, but one tough machine! The nurse held down his solid little legs, while I held his hands and upper body still for the vaccinations. After finishing the injections, she commented (while out of breath) how strong the boy was. I already know this. He has attempted on several occasions to buck and wiggle right out of my arms. He is one of the reasons that I work out. I have to stay stronger than him (for now at least). He now has 13 teeth with more molars trying to barge there way through as I type this. And that is the physical status of our growing boy.

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