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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Different kind of date night & Daddy and Holden

Jeremy and I definitely get in our ruts with dates. Dinner, movie (normally dollar movies since I don’t even like movies that much) and occasionally something different if there is something new in town. But for the most part, our dates lack creativity. But let me say that last night was so much fun. The weather was finally perfect to be outside. No rain, no storms and no sudden temperature drops. So we left Holden with our friends and took our bikes to the lake. Two years ago we did this almost every Saturday morning during the nice weather seasons. So it had been at least that long since I had even sat on my bike. And boy-oh-boy! Is my hiney feeling it today! But we did our little 9 mile lap. Jeremy was sweet to let me lead. If he had led, he would have been waiting at the truck for me for at least 15 minutes. He’s a bit faster than me. And that would have been perfectly fine so I kept telling him to go on ahead. I didn’t expect him to stay back with me. I want it to be just as beneficial for him. But I guess that wouldn’t have been much a “date” and so he was kind and hung back. But I think it was the best date we have had in a long time. I would much rather be moving and doing something than sitting and watching a movie . . . or sitting and doing anything for that matter. Here are a few pictures from our fancy date.
On another note, Holden has become EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA attached to his daddy lately. Jeremy loves it! And I love it! Though sometimes it makes me a tad bit sad. When we got home last night we were about to go through Holden’s little bedtime routine. Jeremy brought him inside but then had to go back out to unload the bikes out of the truck. So when he handed Holden over to me he began to cry. And he just cried and cried and cried. He cried until Jeremy came back inside. Wait! He actually didn’t stop crying until he was back in Jeremy’s arms. He was excessively tired and has some bloody gums with a molar breaking through. He is normally not hard to console. But last night, mommy just couldn’t do it. It was only daddy that he wanted. Jeremy was out of town the week before last for work. Wondering if this new attachment has something to do with that? But what’s really sad, is that Jeremy leaves again tomorrow for the week. Fortunately for me, Holden and I are headed to Texas. We will spend some time with my sister and her family and some time with my parents. I am hopeful that Holden’s cousins and Nana and Poppa J will be a good distraction with daddy away. Anyone else familiar with this daddy attachment? I am his best friend in the world until daddy’s home. Then it’s like I’m chopped liver. And speaking of those molars coming through . . . they had been huge and swollen for at least 5 weeks. And now they have finally broken through the gums. Is it always such a process or is Holden just a difficult teether?
Since I have been talking about Holden and his daddy, I wanted to leave you with a picture of my 2 sweet boys. And since I don't have a super recent one, I am going way back . . . to last May.
Oh my you forget how little those babies come!


Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

The weather has been gorgeous! I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy it.

That picture of daddy and Holden is precious. He looks so much like our little J - it's crazy!

Amanda said...

Ugh...the molars stink. The girls' were both like that, and both of them were relatively easy teethers. So sad!

Glad you had a fun date!

House said...

I don't think my hiney ever gets accustomed to riding a bike. It just hurts! Sounds like a great date though!

The Myers said...

What a fun date! So glad y'all were able to get away and enjoy your time together.

April said...

I don't even know if I can ride a bike anymore? :) Wade is teething with his molars. He has been very fussy! In fact, I took him to the doctor because I knew it had to be something more, like an ear infection or something. Nope! Just the teeth. We are waiting waiting, what seems like forever, for them to break through! So, for Wade, it is very much a long process. I feel so sorry for him, but I feel a little sorry for myself! So, I feel for you both!(I love it when they want their daddy's! Soooo sweet!)

Jess said...

What a sweet picture! It really is an excellent illustration of how much he has grown and changed, though. I'm glad you guys had a good time out. We have been trying to do more things as well. I always say that our babies are mine for the first year and then from age 1-2 they become Brett's babies. They have always been super-attached to him during that age. After that age they seem to lose their preference somewhat. Daddies are just really fun!