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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

little helper/returning to jogging

Jeremy put together our jogging stroller last night. I had received the stroller as a gift from my co-workers right after we got Holden. Since the child has to be able to sit up on their own before you can actually take them running in it, it has stayed in the box for the past 11 months. Remember when I was “seriously” running back here. Well, then Holden came along and all of that came to an abrupt halt. Then once he was sitting up on his own, I felt out of shape and it was getting cold. So now the weather is beginning to look and feel nice, Holden is sitting up and I am completely out of good excuses. So over the past couple of weeks running has become a priority again. And as difficult as running is for me right now, I do love it once I am done and occasionally during the run. So this afternoon will be our first little jog together. As you can see Holden was very “hands on” with the assembling of the stroller.


Molly said...

Wish we lived closer and we could get back into shape together. I stopped running when Sadie came home and wow, she's 7 months old now!

I have no real good excuses, but it hasn't happened yet!

everyday graces said...

You go girl. I need to send an update but it involves cookie dough for lunch. Eek!