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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

11 months.

I can not believe that 1 month from today we will be celebrating Holden’s 1st birthday. Wow! This past month I have been swallowing the fact that he is becoming my little toddler and less and less of a baby. Everyone has commented on how he is losing that baby look and gaining the little boy look. And I know it’s so true. Along with his look changing, his GREAT BIG personality continues to emerge. Just in the past couple of weeks he has been longing for independence. He is eager to feed himself finger foods and it seems he could care less if he ever sees me coming at him with a spoon again. Just recently I have begun to accept that he may not be the laid back little boy that I once thought he was. Instead there might be a strong personality developing. Jeremy has assured me that this is a good thing. It continues to be a joyous journey to watch Holden grow and develop.

don't those eyes tell a story!

He is definitely picking up on language, though still not speaking any words we really understand. Of course that doesn’t keep him from talking. There is something coming out of his mouth most of the time. I can tell him to get his “book” and he goes straight to it. He knows Abbie is the “puppy”. If I ask if he wants a “bite” he crawls to me and opens his mouth right away. Other words he knows are diaper, duck, daddy, momma, bottle . . . I’m sure there are others that I am not remembering right now.
He is anxious to walk on his own. He likes to walk holding your hands until his legs tire out or our backs tire from being bent over to help him. The little walker has been a huge help for our backs. :)
Last week when I took Holden to the doctor, he weighed in at 23lbs and 12oz. Since he had his clothes on, I will say he is probably close to 23lbs right now.
I am trying to transition to complete table food since it seems that Holden wants to feed himself. If you have any healthy (not too processed) lunch ideas for me, please send them my way. This morning he had a plain blueberry waffle, half a banana and a sippy cup full of (drumroll. . . ) WHOLE MILK. That was more food than what I ate?! It seems like a big breakfast for a little boy. But I think he loved it all. I’m not so sure what possessed me to do the whole milk, but I think he loved his new ice cold beverage. I am really trying to work with him to hold the sippy cup. He holds it but doesn’t quite get how to tilt it up to get the milk in the spout. So he sucks on the spout and gets air, but no milk. Frustrating life for a baby!
Well, that is our Holden update for this month. It’s a fun fun life with this little boy!


Promoting OK adoption said...

I am freaking out that he is 11 months because I know how close he and Sadie are in age! WHOA! It just amazes me that they grow so fast and time flies by. Makes me so thankful I am at home and can soak it up!

I am afraid I would let you down on our lunch ideas. I need help there too and I have been doing this table food thing for 2.5 years! It amazes me how many meals I plan in a day!

Thanks for the sweet pictures and I am with Jeremy...his independence is a wonderful trait it just takes more creativity in parenting! We love Jim and Charles Fay Love and Logic, it helped me tremendously! Not that I have it down by any means, but its a great help!

everyday graces said...

Wow how the time flies! Hmmm, for lunch maybe you could serve cheese, crackers, fruit, mac n cheese or noodles. I don't know if you're trying to stay away from lunch meat or not but maybe you could get the natural turkey in the brown packaging. Hard boil some eggs and keep in the frig.(save the whites till he's 1 yr) Yogurt. Bagel w/cream cheese. Cheese pizza (you never know):-)

Jess said...

He is quite the big boy! What a cutie! It always amazes me how fast time flies. I read something once that said, "The days can drag on but the years fly by".

Judy said...

He is getting so big hard to believe he will be a year soon.

Rebekah said...

Holden just keeps getting cuter and cuter! They grow way too fast, don't they?!

We stay away from processed foods for Steven. (His diet is so much better than ours!) And he eats more than we do too! He only eats two meals a day since he sleeps in so long, so that makes my life a bit easier. Here are some of the foods he likes.

Steven eats a ton of eggs (scrambled or hard boiled--at least two per day!), cheese, grilled cheese, toast with applesauce instead of butter.

I also give him diced fruit and vegetables (generally canned or frozen)--frozen peas are great for teething :) Don't give him fresh carrots because of the amount of nitrates in them, even if they're organic. Definitely go with frozen carrots.

Steven also does great with kidney beans. Buy the dried ones and cook them yourself. It will save you a lot of money, and the canned ones have close to 20% of an adult's serving of sodium a day. I can't imagine how much that would be for a baby!

Hmmm. . .what else does he eat. Yogurt (Dora ones have half the sugar), hummus, broccoli cheese soup(and peas, carrots, beans, cauliflower, potato, and anything else I sneak in!). He will eat anything in that soup, and I generally make it pretty thick so it's easier to feed him.

His "dessert" is a graham cracker :)

I hope that helps you. I always love hearing new ideas for the kids!