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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recent Holden News

Holden decided just this week to begin pulling up to his feet. I guess he had no interest until now. But now he is pulling up on everything! And he is so proud of the feat each time. I think walking might actually be in his future. He also ate an entire Sonic grilled cheese sandwich yesterday for dinner. This was after drinking his 8 ounces of milk. Sometimes he has an adult-sized appetite. He is also cutting a MAJOR tooth. I mean!! It looks like a boulder is hiding under that itty bitty tender gum. So the past couple of days he has been sleeping more. Long naps. That has been nice since I have been kind of sick. Today I gave him some Tylenol and put him in bed when he started acting sleepy. He just cried and cried. So I took him out and layed on the couch with him. He had his paci in mouth, blankie in hand and just layed his head on my chest. Lying there with his eyes open, but suddenly so content in my arms. My plan was to shower during that nap . . . as it was over the 24 hour mark coming close to 48 (give me grace, I have been sick). But I decided to postpone those plans. If I had a little boy willing to cuddle with his unshowered momma, then I was going to take the opportunity. I layed there wondering when babies start to understand. My heart is so full for this boy! So full of love and joy that sometimes I can't even grasp it myself. I must tell him 100 times a day. But I know the words don’t mean much to him right now. I knew this child would change my life forever. But I don’t think I had any idea on how he would change my heart. Sometimes it feels like it might just burst open.


The Myers said...

Awe. Such precious words from such a wonderful Mom. :)

Molly said...

I have had many of those moments when I know there much to be done, but I can't pass up cuddle time with kids. It will be gone before we know it!

I can't tell you how many times I thought my heart felt intense feeling that's so hard to describe. And, its incredibly cool when they can say, "I wuv oooh!" Talk about melt your heart!

Miss you and hope to see Holden at the play group. The boys were wanting to play with him yesterday...then Cooper said he was too little to play with the rocks. I thought that was random but cute!

the thorntons said...

I can just picture the two of you cuddling on the couch, and it made my heart smile! He is getting so big...I can't believe he'll probably be walking soon! Enjoy every moment!

everyday graces said...

Gosh Melodie, I've got tears in my eyes. What a sweet post. Treasure these moments.

p.s. they don't care if you're smelly until they're 4 and they tell you the hard truth :-)

HaleyP said...

oh my goodness..tears in my eyes! I don't think our children will ever realize how much we love them until they have little ones. I think a piece of my heart has been torn off and put into each of my children the first time I saw them!!

Jess said...

It IS absolutely overwhelming how much we can love these little people. I am so happy for you.