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Thursday, April 23, 2009

meet Keri.

Keri is a friend from college. So some of you already know her and know the story. But many of you don’t, so this is for you. She wanted to be a momma like so many of us. And she and husband Chad traveled a winding road to get them to that point. Until recently, I only vaguely knew their story. But now I feel like I’m knowing it on a whole new level. She has their regular family blog here. But recently she’s been putting their adoption story down for the bloggy world to read. And it is amazing! Amazing to see God’s evident hand through the process. Sometimes our lives, to us, look so complicated and ugly; yet God is at work the entire time. We know it, but sometimes we can’t see his hand right there in the present. But then down the road, we see this beautiful story. So go and read this beautiful story. Grab a cup of coffee, a box tissues and start at part 1. Click here.

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The Skains Family said...

I have been following her story as well, and you are right about grabbing the tissue! Wow! Her walk with the Lord and her faith has been so encouraging to me. What an amazing family. I had no idea what they had gone through, but God sure took them down a path only to bless them abundantly just as He always does. Thanks for posting this Melodie!