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Friday, April 24, 2009

New Playgroup and 1st zoo trip!

So we are now attending a monthly transracial playgroup. And let me tell you how exciting that is! It just is!! I am meeting more and more families that look similar to us and that have a huge heart for adoption. Many I have only “met” through blogs. But I am also getting to make these new friends in person. I am finding more and more in our surrounding area. I think that each new day transracial adoption becomes a little more common than yesterday. Just Sunday at church we were able to meet and talk to a new adoptive family. It’s amazing to see God opening hearts and opening doors through adoption. And it thrills me like nothing else.
So Holden spent the morning at the zoo with {Cooper, Owen, Sadie}, {Caleb} and {Turner}. As you can see Holden sacked out . . . somewhere around the fish aquarium. It was dark inside that area and he took the opportunity to nap for the rest of our zoo experience. Before conking out on us, he did love to see the ducks, the swimming turtles and the wolf (which I called a puppy for the sake of simplicity). He especially loved to look at all the other kiddos running around. We are already looking forward to our next playgroup in May. I have been posting ALOT lately. And there are some very important ones below. Some where we are kind of asking for your help. Begging you :). . . so please read on below.


Molly said...

I love it! So glad you had fun! My MIL got on your blog and saw that tax info stuff. It's getting around! Thanks again for letting us know!

Can't wait to see you again in May! Got any ideas?

Rebekah said...

I'm so jealous! I still can't find a group that actually meets :( You wouldn't expect it to be so hard in the Detoit area!

Phyllis said...

I love the Tax Credit stuff. Sure wish it had been around about 30 years ago. The pictures Jeremy took are wonderful. You know I need one or two to display on the fridge and in my classroom.
Love you all. Please hug and kiss Holden for Aunt PhePhe and Uncle Danny!

The Bradts said...

I want a playdate with Holden!!! I cannot believe he is about to be 1!

bsjones7 said...

It was fun yesterday! Holden is so cute!