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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tag. You're it.

For the first time in my blogging life, all of about 8 months, I have been tagged. Coming up with 6 random, yet interesting facts that you may not know has been rather tough. And as I begin to type this, I only have 3 in my head. So this might be a process.

1) Since Holden moved to his room, at least once a week I wake Jeremy up (sometimes shaking him violently) unsure where Holden is located. Give me a break because truly I’m asleep. (But to be honest, Jeremy DOES NOT give me break. He gets rather testy and his patience goes out the window at 3:00am.) Sometimes I think he is laying on top of Holden and sometimes I just have no clue as to where he is. Before Holden, I would wake Jeremy up to tell him that I could see a man standing in our kitchen or right outside our window. Now, before Jeremy, I did this to my parents my entire life. But it was normally bugs or wild animals in my bed. Not scary mad-men in the house.
2) Jeremy and I never really liked Mexican or Italian food. For some reason, over the past few years we have decided that we love them both. But I think I would have been better off my entire life, had I never craved pasta, bread, tortillas and enchiladas.
3) I am really bad when it comes to having a sense of direction. After 4 years in Abilene, a somewhat small town that most people considered easy to travel, I could only make it to: church, HEB, Jeremy’s house and school on my own. Anywhere else I needed detailed instructions. Luckily growing up, I had a dad with a great sense of direction. I could be in the middle of Houston and say “I’m on a highway somewhere, and there is a First National Bank on my left and a Papadeaux’s on my right." He would know exactly where I was and help me to my destination.
4) Sometimes I go to and search for homes in towns where I would like to live. Nothing fun, like huge dream homes or anything. Just realistic homes that we could afford.
5) When I am water skiing and let go and you know the boat circles around . . . I hate those moments in the water where you are just sitting there waiting on the boat. It seems like I am always waiting forever. I hear JAWS music in my head. And no, I am not skiing in the ocean. And I know there are no sharks in the lake. But sometimes I wonder if something might come and take a big bite out of me.
6) Speaking of skiing . . . I’ll just stay on that topic since I don’t have many interesting facts. Snow skiing. I have tried it 3 times and I just can’t do it. I watch the little kids snow plowing down and they make it look so easy. But then I get on my skis and things go out of control. I have to scream my way down the mountain so the skiers ahead will move out of my way because I literally have no control. It’s really scary to me. And jeremy’s favorite vacation is . . . (drumroll) snow skiing. Which is fine. In the future, the family can ski and I will videotape.

Okay. Now 6 people to tag? Let’s say sisters Amy and Amanda, Alicia, Kristy (you don’t have to Kristy. I know you are busy, but you do have lots of quirks. Email me if you need help with your 6. pillow, feet, cereal – there’s 3), Sarah S and Amanda M.

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Katie said...

Very good, see you had it in you!!