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Monday, September 8, 2008

Stamping Fun!

I love to stamp. In fact I have been in Connie’s stamp club for almost 3 years now. Now, Connie is quite amazing. I am not. I think I may have to retire from stamp club for a bit after this year. I have got rubber stamps coming out my ears and I don’t have nearly enough time to pull them all out and use them right now.
But a few nights ago, my friend Allison came over to stamp. She is in stamp club also. I worked on my old standby – cards. That is my main purpose for stamping – making cards, invitations and then I also use them in scrapbooking. But Allison actually used her creative juices and made coasters. Completely amazing coasters! She bought small stone tiles from Lowes and stamped on them. What a great idea! Such a great idea, that she left her stamps with me and the next night I completely copied her projects. So you might be getting a set of coasters from me for Christmas!

Allison's super cute coasters.

And my old standby.


House said...

ummm....HELLO!! You have brown hair! VERY cute! How do you like it. (stamping was super cute as well. great idea!)

Amanda said...

Okay, I'm doing the coasters now, so we will see who gets them done first. :) JK. I might for Loren's family, though...super cute

The Curtis Family said...

Ooooww. I want coasters for Christmas! That will be a great gift to take to the S.S. Christmas party.

loraena said...

Very cute...I have stamp stuff coming out my ears too. I used to sell stampin'up, but haven't touched my craft stuff since I finished our adoption profile albums over a year and a half ago! Hmmm...I might have to get that stuff out this week. =)