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Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Extra Dose of Daddy

Tuesday was an unexpectedly special day. I didn’t know what Jeremy was doing when he climbed back into bed at 6:00am. He had decided that since he had class Monday night and had to do a lot of school work and reading on Tuesday night, that he would take the day off of work on Tuesday and spend it with Holden and I. These weeks since starting school have been pretty busy and he doesn’t get near enough play time with us. So I could hardly fall back to sleep when I realized that he was going to be spending the day with us. But somehow I managed. We hung around the house all morning and then headed to the mall for a Chick-Fil-A lunch and some shopping. I actually bought 2 more Christmas presents and a birthday present for a birthday in May. No I didn’t miss the birthday. I am just a bargain shopper . . . summer stuff is way on sale and so I shopped way ahead. Hopefully I remember that I have it in the closet. Anyways, we had a fun day on a not so busy day at the mall.
I have to say that Jeremy is quite the sacrificial daddy and husband. If you know him, you know that he passionately loves to sleep in. He just loves his sleep. But since starting school he has moved his work schedule earlier so that he has a couple of hours with us at home before going to class those 2 evenings each week. So everyday he is out of the house by 5:30am and home to us at 4:00pm. He also works 9 hours days so that he has every other Friday off with us (which he has always done). But I can’t believe he has done so well with these early mornings.
Jeremy, I appreciate your sacrifices. Not just the super early mornings. But other sacrifices that you have made so that I can be home with Holden. Holden appreciates it too. Even if he doesn’t realize it now, he is going to hear about it for years to come and he will appreciate the man, husband and daddy that you are. We love you and know that you are irreplaceable!

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