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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here is an email that Jeremy received:
Dear Tom,
May I sincerely thank you for purchasing your insurance from me and Accuquote. You have made a mature and intelligent decision, I was pleased to be a part of it. The goal, at this point, for both you and me, is to place your new policy in force as quickly as possible, to provide your Family with this valuable coverage. We have sent you the new policy today and included a pre-paid Fedex envelope to facilitate the process of placing this policy in force. Simply place all the Delivery Requirements in this envelope and drop it in any Fedex box and you will be covered immediately. I recommend you do this, as soon as you receive the policy, that day or the next morning.
Please call me with any questions and again I appreciate your business, both now and in the future.
I removed his last name and other personal info. No reason to completely mortify the guy on the internet.

And here was Jeremy's response:
I wanted to thank you for your sincere email. I could tell it was sincere because you said the word sincere AND you called me Tom. Only my near and dear friends call me Tom. How did you know?
Jeremy "Tom" (last name also removed, since I keep it off of the blog)

Didn't know my husband was such a smart aleck? Me either.