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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bella and Uncle J

Uncle J is Jeremy’s name to the nieces and nephews. It was much easier to say than Uncle Jeremy back when they were learning to talk. Bella is one of my nieces. She is about 20 months and a complete doll. See for yourself . . .

Now Uncle J and Bella have had a love-hate relationship for about the past 16 months. Uncle J loves Bella and Bella has never been too fond of him. She has been pretty scared of him and normally cried and buried her face when he came close. This has always been particularly funny to me because Jeremy is so innocent. I mean, he is not a big, burly, scary guy. I have always told Bella that her own father looks much scarier than Jeremy. Her father and my brother-in-law Loren, is somewhat big and burly.
I think it all began when my sister came to visit with her girls, Hope and Bella. Bella was only about 4 months old. The girls went to bed that night and Amanda and I ran to a local store and then to Starbucks. Jeremy called me and I could hear Bella crying in the background. He couldn’t calm her down and get her to stop crying. She was probably thinking – who is this guy and where is my mommy. We rushed back to the house and were there within 5 minutes. Fast forward about 4 months. Same exact thing happens. Bella wakes from sleep and the only person there is Jeremy. Jeremy calls with Bella screaming in the background as we are pulling up to the house. So that is a little history. Probably Bella’s only association with Jeremy.
Anyways, this weekend they made amends. My sister had been showing her Jeremy’s picture all week and they were giving the picture kisses. Kind of a warm up before Bella had to face him in person. She was a bit timid at the beginning of the weekend. Notice the forced picture and she is crying with her blankee in her arms.
And then by the end of the week . . . . wallah! She finally loves her Uncle J!
Kisses and all!

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Amanda said...

Big and burly to describe Loren is the understatement of the century. I'm glad Bella and Uncle J are friends now. If she gets squirrely again, he can always bribe her with know how she feels about food!