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Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 year old Pax!

These yearly posts are sometimes difficult, to sum up a person I love so much in just a few paragraphs. But I love to look back at each year, who they were at a certain age and see the similarities and differences to who they are now. Pax is a love bug. His name means peace and it fits him better than we ever could have guessed. He is sweet and considerate to others. He has a great silly side. And it seems like strangers and casual friends more often see his silly and funny side and he saves the sweet stuff for family and a few close friends. We've noticed for a couple of years now that Pax is sensitive and a deep thinker. He's always noticing and taking it all in. And then I'm so thankful he holds nothing back from us. He brings his thoughts and questions about situations to me regularly. Sometimes these thoughts are about his adoption. Sometimes it's about seeking fairness with brothers and our family dynamics. A friend pointed out to me this week that he has confidence that his voice will be heard by me and I was so affirmed to hear this. I'm so thankful for the open communication between us and pray that always sticks!
Pax loves stories, books, poetry, etc. Books have always been a favorite of his and that is still true today. He is getting really good at reading now also. Daily he is sitting down with library books, sounding out words and reading...stopping occasionally to ask me for help on a word. But a favorite pastime for him is me reading to him. And I'm so glad he still enjoys us doing that together. A friend suggested I try some books on CD for my big boys. My goodness, he wants to sit and listen to them everyday. We have quickly gotten our moneys worth from the two that I bought. He sits quietly and listens and cracks up laughing at all the right places. Pax is one of those rare 5 year old boys (it seems) that will sit and work on something for an hour or more. Two good examples are Where's Waldo books and Legos. He literally will open up a Where's Waldo and find every character that needs to be found in one sitting. And we've just learned in the last month that he is a complete whiz at Legos. I have little to zero interest in Legos, but he loves them and he is really good at following the instructions to build something, or being creative and making his own masterpiece. Another favorite for Pax is playing games. He loves it when we have family game night. He received a few games for his birthday. Headbanz which has been a fun one for us. And Beat the Parents, which we have decided to put away for a couple of more years. They just weren't ready for it. I love playing games too! Seriously, this kid is my clone!  He has been so proud lately to tell everyone "Did you know I'm already in Kindergarten?!!" This boy loves school. He loves having a task to accomplish. We've only just begun, but he is doing great in school.
So far Pax has played t-ball, soccer and basketball. He loved them all, but honestly soccer was his best sport. He was actually really good at it. He's got a solid little muscular build. I always look down at his legs and envy his calf muscles. Yep, I'm jealous of my sons leg muscles. At his 5 year appointment this week he weighed 42lbs (60%) and was 43inches tall (52%). Even though he loves organized sports, when we are at home, he tends to prefer being indoors. I really have to encourage jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes and playing outside. I can't blame him much right now because it's so blasted hot. But he'd much rather be looking at books and playing indoors than being more active outside. This is complete opposite of his big brother, so that's sometimes a little challenge.
Pax is a sweet and perfect middle brother. He's so proud of his big brother. Holden made a friend at a park recently and I heard Pax telling the friend, "Did you know this is MY big brother?" Melted my heart. I could hear the pride in his voice. I'm so thankful they have one another. (Despite the recent bickering that's been taking place.) He's also such a good care taker and sweet big brother to Abe. Big bro and little bro are fortunate to have a consistently happy and kind brother to share life with.
He's still a great eater. An easy eater. Sometimes I ask him to choose his fruit or veggie for lunch or breakfast. And occasionally his response is, "Whatever you choose is fine, mommy." Dude, I'm giving you choices... OWN THEM!! He's just easy though. I know, I know. I'm probably making him sound like a dream, which is not possible for any child/person. He's not perfect. He can be emotional and sensitive (which I still consider easy because it's so similar to myself). He has no concept of the words "we are in a hurry". Fast is not a pace that he will go, unless he's on the soccer field. Everyone has their faults and I'd never sit and list my child's, so I'll go ahead and stop there. But he is a complete joy to parent. Pax is a precious and sweet gift to our family. And we are the lucky ones getting to spend our days raising this little boy. He is another miracle to our family!

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