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Sunday, June 16, 2013

bullet point post.

Lots of thoughts floating around in my head.
  • Holden and Pax have been amazing this past week. Behavior has been incredible. It's like they've grown up a whole lot. And unfortunately, with the chaos of the last 5+ weeks we've been off any sort of diet modifications over here. I was worried about their transition and my time and attention being divided. I was especially concerned about my sensitive, little Pax that has been the baby for almost 4 years. My goodness, they've blown me out of the water with how well they have embraced Abe. How they love to care for him and be my helper. How proud they both are to have the title "big brother". How grown up they both seem now. I'm very, very proud of Holden and Pax. They have made this transition better than I ever hoped.
  • I know it's been less than 1 week at home, but I might venture to say this transition from 2 to 3 has been a piece of cake. It took me weeks to take both boys somewhere by myself when Pax came home to us. Basically, I had 2 babies. And it was rough for a while. This time around, my first day at home, we ventured out once. My second day at home we ventured out twice. Piece of cake.
  • Abe loves his big brothers. They make him laugh and smile constantly. This melts my heart. I love that he is already starting to adore them, as many little brothers do.
  • My sweet Jeremy agreed to let me redo the nursery for Abe. We had decided we would use our boy nursery stuff that my mom made back in 2008 for the third time if baby #3 was a boy. And if it was a girl, we'd buy new stuff. Well, I begged and promised to keep expenses way down. And Jeremy caved. It's been fun planning a new nursery for a my sweet boy. And maybe eventually he'll even sleep there. ;) I've made a couple of Etsy purchases and my mom is getting to work on curtains, a pillow and a diaper stacker with some material I ordered last week. We nixed the bumpers. That was one of my ways to keep expenses low. I love these wooden letters!!
  • Lauren and I start a bootcamp class at 5:30am tomorrow. Eek! I'm excited. But so paranoid that I'm going to miss my alarm and oversleep. She and I both bought a 1 month online coupon. I did a bootcamp by myself last spring. And I loved it. It was hard work but so much fun. And I was definitely starting to see changes in my body. This time it is a different local bootcamp. I think I would love to do it year round but I just can't justify paying $100+/month for it. So instead I'm paying $20 for just one month and hoping I can motivate myself to continue the intense workouts at home come mid-July when my classes have run out.
  • Abe was waking around 4am the entire time we were in Oklahoma and I was doing a feeding to get him back down. Since the time he has been home that has only happened once. We put him down early and then do a feeding before we go to sleep... this past week that has been close to midnight on most nights. And then he sleeps through the night. That baby boy just needed to be home!
  • We had family pictures taken yesterday evening by Ashley Rutland. The primary purpose was to get a photo shoot done for little Abe. But since we needed to update our family pictures with our new addition, we did those as well. Ashley was great and took some brother pictures, as well as a few individual ones of both Holden and Pax. She really went above and beyond for us. She went over on her time with us making sure we got everything we wanted. And boy was it muggy last night! I was dabbing drippy, sweaty faces with a burp cloth in between poses. Ashley's price is more than fair. She did our last photo shoot, which was a year ago. She is always creative and I really enjoy her style. When we were in Oklahoma I began contacting a few photographers through Celebrate Adoption and Red Threads...both are organizations that do discounted photography for newly adoptive families/children. Well, as returning customers to Ashley, her price was better than those within these organizations. Being that we were already familiar with her work and style and loved what she did with us last year, it was a no brainer. I am anxiously awaiting my peak at the edited photos.
And now I'm off to bed because my alarm will be going off at 4:45am to get myself in gear for bootcamp.

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~The Neaves Nest~ said...

love the nursery fabrics:)and I'm already feeling bootcamp.