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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Photos

Right before Jeremy and I left on our getaway, we had some family photos done. You may have already noticed the new changes to the blog and my header. I literally jumped on the computer the moment I pulled the CD with the images from my mailbox.  I came across a local Amazon deal with photographer Ashley Rutland. And it ended up being a complete steal. I was nervous because it only allowed for 1 hour...which sounds like a lot of time with 2 little boys.  But because our last photo session (when the boys were barely 2 and almost 1) was close to a bust...I just worried we might not get much in 1 short hour.  But she was amazing. We left that hour and I just knew she had caught some good ones.  Even though you never REALLY know until you actually see them.  So I've already shared some in the blog header but here a few more of my favorites.
See? Lots of favorites. Ashley was incredible. Check her out if you're in our area.


Daysha said...

My fave's are the boys on their tummies and with their names!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Love them all!!!

everyday graces said...

Those turned out fabulous!

A and Z said...

Those are awesome! She did a great job capturing the family! CUTE!