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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nursery Pieces

I'll definitely be taking pictures of the nursery once it's all completed. And we are still a little far from completion...but things are moving along. It's been a fun little project. One that I don't really feel like I've had time for with 3 little boys, a busy working husband and rarely ever a break for me...but I'm doing it anyways. Some of these things that are in his nursery are too special to not go ahead and share now.
My mom and dad were at our house this week. Back when we were in Oklahoma, I asked if she would mind making curtains and a pillow for the rocking chair in the nursery. Suddenly, she was offering to make bumpers and a diaper stacker also. I nixed the bumpers, but she completed the diaper stacker this week and one panel of the curtains is almost completed. Here is the finished diaper stacker with his name on the shelf above. His wooden letters came from this little Etsy shop.
I told myself that I wouldn't go nuts with the elephants. (haha. Seriously, no pun intended there. Nuts and elephants...I caught it in my proofing.) With the first nursery we did in 2008, I wanted only theme. But while I was in Oklahoma, spending way too much time on Etsy, I found this fabric and fell in love. So I'm trying to not go over the top with the elephants, but it may be too late. I have definitely made some elephant purchases and a little DIY elephant craft for his wall is in the works. Anyways, mom did great on the diaper stacker. She never ceases to impress me with her sewing skills. I definitely did not receive that talent or a desire to practice it.
My sister, Amy, told me about the grey elephant sheets at Target. Same sister found this cute little grey and yellow monkey for his crib, at Target also. And then the chevron blanket with grey mink on the backside is where the ideas for his room all began. I found the blanket at this little Etsy shop.
Last week, my long time friend Kristy sent me this sweet little sign in the mail. From Etsy also. :) It's from this little shop where I've already ordered 2 more custom signs for our house. Kristy had asked me about his nursery, so she was my first guess when it ended up on my doorstep. It is a perfect and very appropriate little piece to add to his walls.
This little gift made me cry. You may remember me posting about this song here. I claimed that the song was going to be baby #3's song because God had already been using it in the previous months to encourage me in our adoptions process. Well, these words really began to mean more as Abe came into our family and I feared attachment, bonding and all of those things since he was a little older. So Amanda had this designed specifically for us. Special, special gift from a very dear friend.

And you want to know what Abe thinks about his new nursery decor and gifts? A round of applause.
That's right, he has just started clapping his little hands in the past few days. He is very proud of this new accomplishment. We just think it's cute. :)

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