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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Holden's tooth

Today Holden lost his very first tooth. He pulled it all by himself. He was so proud. Jeremy and I were so proud! His tooth became loose the day after he turned 5. He actually kneed himself in the mouth that day at school and knocked it a little lose. But many months prior to that day, the dentist had warned us that he would be losing it in the near future. Holden got his 2 bottom center teeth first at 4 months of age. He had a mouthful by the time he turned 1. So it's no surprise that he lost his first a little earlier than most. So the whole time I was in Oklahoma and I would see my boys on the weekend, I would tease Holden that he was not allowed to lose his tooth until I was present for it. Everytime I saw him it was getting more and more wiggly. By the way, wiggly teeth completely gross me out. And I'm pretty sure I'll never be pulling any teeth. Well, my sweet boy waited for me. And it just so happens the boys had a dental cleaning on Thursday. That's when we noticed the permanent tooth was already coming through even though the baby tooth was hanging on for dear life on the front portion of the gums. Well, he kept wiggling and kept messing with it. And I may have tried to entice him to pull it, by telling him he would have a cute little toothless place in his smile for our new set of family pictures (that we just had done this evening). So about 1 hour before we left home for our photo shoot, he pulled that tooth out of his mouth. Another little first for my firstborn. Being a mommy to this boy is a very fun adventure. :)
On Thursday when he was doing a lot of wiggling. I seriously thought he was going to tackle the tooth on this day.
And tonight...not his most beautiful smile, but he's showing you his missing tooth. And you can definitely see the permanent tooth coming in.

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