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Friday, July 1, 2011


This past week we had some visitors. We got to see these guys again! Kristy and I hosted a little wedding shower for a friend on Saturday at my house. So Kristy and family came up from Houston and spent several days at our house hanging out. And though I didn't pull out my camera often enough, I'm sharing what I did capture. By the last 2 days the boys and girls (mainly the oldest two) were fighting like siblings one minute and giggling across the table like love birds the next. It was a bit comical and annoying all at the same time. Can't you just play together, share and get along! Apparently not at age 3 and 4. :) I think Holden's rambunctious, crazy little self is a bit much for some little girls.
Pax was obsessed with baby Avery. Completely obsessed. But he showed me on Saturday night that he was NOT ready to be a big brother. This is a little sidenote story, but I feel it's worth mentioning. We met up with a group of college friends and had a room reserved for us at a restaurant. There were several kiddos so it was nice for them to be able to have some freedom in our reserved space. There was another couple there who has also adopted twice now. We had LOTS to talk about. Sometimes there is just an unique bond in finding families like our own. I love meeting those other people that have experienced the power and love of adoption. It's become something very special to me. Anyways, this couple who I've known for years were there with their 2 boys. And their newest addition reminded me so much of Holden at his age. So I took a moment to cuddle the tiny thing. As soon as I took little Josiah from his daddy's arms Pax had a complete meltdown. A loud wailing cry-huge crocodile tears-snot coming out his nose kind of meltdown. It was a bit hilarious. He loved baby Josiah, until that baby was in my arms. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Jeremy scooped Pax out of the high chair as he cried for mommy. I didn't put the baby down and Pax eventually calmed down with daddy's help. I explained to our friends, if anyone was ever born to be the baby of the family, it was Pax. Sorry Pax, I do believe that one day you will lose that status. So enjoy it while you can. :)
Here are Aubrey and Holden playing together in the sprinkler. They didn't want to pose much for pictures.
But Pax will pose for a picture anytime. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of cute, little Adalyn.
Holden slept on our floor those nights that they were here and I captured this picture on the last night. Crazy! Does anyone else remember him doing this as a tiny little baby? I sure do. Lookie here. Ah, I love looking back on that chubby little baby face!

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