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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day Fun

On Monday, after a lengthy breakfast (since most mealtimes these days tend to be lengthy), we headed to spend the day with some of Jeremy's family for the holiday. They live a little bit out in the country. So Jeremy had told Holden the night before how we would be able to see all the stars on the night of the 4th because we would be in the country. Those were the golden words. Today Jeremy is still covered in chigger bites. And Holden has a goose-egg type lump on his head along with cankles (swollen ankles) from his typical reaction to mosquito bites. They were both covered in bug repellent, but what can I say . . .the bugs just adore those 2 guys. Pax and I returned completely unharmed. Jeremy was up most of last night scratching his legs and I was up much of that time listening to him wiggle and scratch. Drove me nuts! So what does he say about the country now? ;) Despite the bugs, we had a fun day with family and I took many many pictures.The boys played in the dirt with sticks. Seems like the best kind of fun for little boys.
I love this picture. He looks SOOOO serious holding his sparkler. And he never cracked a smile. He stood there looking so serious until the sparkler burnt out. And then he said "more?" He loved it!
Holden had to warm up to the idea, but finally got brave and wanted to join the other kids in the fun.

After a full day, we were off to the fireworks show on the backside of the property. Halfway in, I let everyone know that this was my scariest July 4th ever! I think I said that after a flame came zooming past us and burned a guy in the hand. Now call me crazy because I'm not a country girl and have no interest in lighting my own fireworks. But I think I prefer for the fireworks to be very far away and done by professionals. After that one backfired, I was just a bit nervous and felt like I was putting my little guys in the line of fire. Jeremy didn't seem worried, so I just played it cool.
See the smile? Completely playing it cool. I held both of the boys at different times because Jeremy kept having to run off and stomp out fires in the grass. See what I mean by a little scary?
And at other times Holden sat with granny. He didn't like the noise and held his ears for much of the night.
Here is our semi-professional, 9 year-old, fireworks engineer. :) Otherwise known as our niece, Hannah.
The boys were troopers. We buckled them into their carseats around 10:45pm and they made it into their beds at home around midnight. And that was our first experience of July 4th in the country. It was a fun day.

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