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Monday, July 18, 2011

"sue-wee" everything.

As this little boy grows up and matures, he becomes a regular little comedian around our house. Sometimes Holden is not sure what to think when Pax is getting the laughter and attention. But I constantly catch the big brother cracking up at Pax's silliness. One of our favorite things lately has been that Pax calls things silly as he cracks up laughing at himself or the silly thing he's referring to. And when he does this we all start laughing. When Pax says silly it sounds more like sue-wee. Sometimes those things rightfully deserve the title of silly. For instance he commonly says: sue-wee bubba, sue-wee daddy, sue-wee big foot (a toy the boys love). But then other things he has said are: sue-wee moon (pointing to the one in the night sky), sue-wee Abbie (our dog that does absolutely nothing silly anymore), sue-wee unkee (his sock monkey, who also does nothing around here).

Pax doesn't let everyone see his cute and funny side. In fact, he rarely lets it out unless he is with the comfort of his family. But when he does, it makes for alot of fun and laughter. There will be a huge update on this little guy next month when he turns 2! He has changed and grown-up so much!

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everyday graces said...

Can you believe our babies birthdays are right around the corner? I love that you write how they talk because it is so easily forgotten.