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Sunday, July 17, 2011

more visitors!

Last week we had some more visitors. It has been one busy summer at our home! My sister, Amanda, and her 3 girls made the long drive from Colorado to Texas to spend part of the week at our house and part of the week at Amy's house (our other sister). I was amazed at how well the kids played together! Hope is 7, Bella is 4 and Ava is 21 months. But it was an easy and enjoyable visit. Even with 5 young kids. The boys had tons of fun with their cousins. And I enjoyed several days with my sis. Here are a few pictures of our fun 3 days.
A little time in the backyard pool.

All 5 on the swing.
And these two are about 6 weeks apart in age.
Bella is 16months older than Holden, which is the same age difference between my 2 boys. And she is so sweet and patient with Holden. With both boys actually. But Holden is the one that wants to be up in the middle of everyone's kool-aid. ;) She tolerates it well, without even batting an eye.
And the littles . . .


The Myers said...

So cute! So glad y'all had a good visit.

will + adri said...

Awww, I love that you call them "the littles". Super sweet.

Amanda said...

So fun! We are super blessed! Love you!

A and Z said...

We NEED to be visitors soon. I miss your faces. :(