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Thursday, July 21, 2011

hide and go seek.

Yesterday I watched Holden attempt to lead a game of hide and go seek with Pax. I have NO idea where Holden might have learned about this game. He's with me just about 24-7, so I really have no clue. But he kind of understands it. Pax, on the otherhand, did not.
No one went to hide. Pax did exactly what his big brother did. He lay on the floor, covered his eyes and followed Holden in counting. And I laughed pretty hard at my boys. I love these moments in my days.

P.S. Round two I helped a little and they began hiding. But then the seeker was a little timid to go and look. And the hider wouldn't stay put for longer than 30 seconds. So the hider would come running out with a roar and the boys would laugh, scream and chase one another. :) Fun days.


The Linders said...

LOVE this. Tink often asks us to play hide and seek with her, but she's too scared to look for whoever's hiding :)

The Everharts said...

so sweet! love that they are such good buddies in addition to being brothers;)

The Skains Family said...

Remember Aubrey was trying to play that with him! So cute!