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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fun weekend.

We had some great family time this weekend. At times, just the 4 of us and also some time with our extended family. Late Saturday afternoon we headed to my sister's house for dinner and to hang out. It was my sister's family + my parents + my aunt and uncle + us = a fun fun time with family.Sunday was a low key day. The boys wore there cute red-white-and-blue to church. I've had these outfits put away for almost a year, since I bought them after July 4th of last year.
I had to be at church earlier than Jeremy. So he brought the boys with him about an hour later. He got them ready in their never worn outfits by himself, which is no biggie. He dresses the boys now and then on the weekends. And he was even successful in snapping the above picture for me before Pax smeared crackers all over his shirt. That is typically what he looks like when he leave his classroom on Sunday. But I have to show you that Jeremy didn't cinch up the waist of skinny Holden's shorts. So my 3 year old went a-saggin' to Sunday School. :) I laughed when I noticed this later at home.After naps, we took the boys for snow cones. These were our first ones all summer long! It was Pax's first snow cone EVER and it was only Holden's second one. They loved this little treat.
Holden even enjoyed sharing his own after Pax finished his off.

That evening we played outside, lit up some sparklers and let the boys stay up past dark in hopes of seeing a few fireworks from our backyard.
Well, mister Pax didn't really make it past dark. He was DONE by 8:30 and ready for his bed. But right before, he was a brave, little boy and held his first sparkler (with my assistance, of course).
Holden preferred to hold his sparklers pre-lit, like this:
And when Jeremy lit Holden's sparkler, he quickly made a b-line for the house and watched from a safe place. :)
Ha! He did become a little more brave on July 4th. That was another fun and eventful day that will be a post all it's own.


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Mmm snocones!! We haven't had any yet this summer. I think that will change next week:)

Love their cute lil outfits!

Amanda said...

We are totally getting snow cones when I come. See you soon!