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Thursday, July 7, 2011

not our typical Tuesday

Jeremy told me last week that he planned to take off from work on July 5th. We quickly decided to make it a family afternoon/evening at the water park. It's not very often that he is able to go with us. So on Tuesday, after a very late night on the 4th, we all slept in . . .sort of. Holden rarely sleeps in, so I'm not sure when he got up. But Jeremy got up with him and let me sleep a bit. This is a rarity. So Pax and I both slept until 9am!!!! And it still wasn't enough. :) We left the house and had a late breakfast at a place Jeremy has been raving about. The boys were cranky, I think from the late night before, and we quickly remembered why we rarely go out to eat with them. Even though Pax slept until 9am, he was asleep in the car by 11:30am. So we put them down for early naps and when they woke, we headed to the water park for the rest of the day. It is so much fun to go as a family. We can take turns with the boys and we get to do alot more rides this way. I brought my camera along so I could document how brave Holden has become this year. And Pax too. He loves the slides now! He is getting so big! Below are some pictures from our time there.
This one is a little blurry. But a stranger was taking it for us, so I can't complain. The cement was HOT so that is why Holden looks awkward without his feet on the ground.
An early picnic dinner before our water fun began.We began with some little slides:
Pax can actually do these by himself as long as someone is there to catch. But I couldn't catch and snap a picture. So J slid with him some. And he enjoys it a whole lot more than he is letting on in this picture. :) He always runs straight back up to the top to go again.
Something new we tried on Tuesday:
Below is the big slide that Holden has started doing. It completely shocked me the first time he wanted to ride it. I thought he would get to his spot and then change his mind. But he loves this one! He's not quite tall enough, but they let him do it anyways. In the 2nd picture, Jeremy is helping him get set up on his mat. And then in the 3rd they are coming down. Makes me proud to even look at the pictures. I love that he is becoming so brave and adventurous.
Both of the boys also love these slides.
Here is Jeremy and Pax at the end of it. Pax always says "again?" and heads for the stairs.
So our not so typical Tuesday was fabulous! A very fun family day indeed!


SassyIfLady said...

Oh wow! It looks like you guys had a BLAST! Fun times...those are the moments they'll remember forever!

everyday graces said...

What a fun day! That water park looks like a blast

The Myers said...

What a fun day y'all had! Love it!

The Skains Family said...

How fun!!! My goodness Holden is a brave boy. That slide is huge!!!