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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"no tongue, please".

For the past 2 nights I have made the above statement as my sweet, little boys are sharing a simple goodnight kiss. Weird, right? It sure sounded weird coming out of my mouth last night. And then Jeremy and I had to hold back our laughter. At the boys bedtime, we all do goodnight kisses. Jeremy and I each kiss Holden and Pax and then the boys share a kiss. Well, we noticed several weeks ago that Pax was giving Jeremy and I normal closed mouth kisses. But when it was Holden's turn for a kiss, his mouth was pretty much closed but his little tongue was barely poking out. And he always came at Holden that way, but with a smile. Mischevious, right? By the 3rd night of this I realized he was doing it on purpose! See, sometimes I think he's this little innocent baby. Ha! But he's so clever. And he was being a silly, little, toot to his older brother by sticking his tongue out for their kiss. So Holden would wipe his mouth with his sleeve every night after their kiss, with no complaints. But of course Holden noticed us laughing about it one night. So in his mind, it became a cute thing to do. So now when I say "give bubba a kiss", Holden sticks out his tongue. Not just barely, but to the point that it's almost touching his chin. And that's when I say "no tongue, please". And everytime, it just sounds weird! Brothers. The begining of many silly memories.


The Neaves' said...

Hahah that's so funny!

The Myers said...

Nice! I'm wondering who taught them to kiss. :)

Molly said...

That is so freaking funny! What makes it even funnier is that our boys went through the same thing, not just with each other but Blake and I. They wanted to give us a surprise lick when we went to kiss them goodnight. They called it a Lightning McQueen kiss. Clever. And yes, this is only the beginning. Pee wars are coming soon. I LOVE my life!