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Sunday, January 9, 2011


A few weeks ago I learned (or maybe re-learned because I HAD to have heard this at some point) that Angelina Jolie has a son named Pax. Hmmmmm. And she has had her son much longer than we have had ours. How did I miss this? So we copied a celebrity baby name without even realizing it. I told my friend this disturbing news the day I learned it and she thought that was where I had gotten the name! From Ms. Angelina Jolie! No ma'am. It wasn't. I taught Vacation Bible School in the summer of 2009. In my 5 year old class there was a boy named Paxton. A month or so later, when we learned of our 2nd little boy, that name resurfaced among many, many other names that Jeremy quickly shot down. Had he been more agreeable, Pax would probably have been named Cohen. I still like that one. But Jeremy did not like it in 2008 for Holden. And he did not like it in 2009 for Pax. Had I been more agreeable, Pax might have been named Noah. But obviously we chose Paxton. And we chose it, knowing full well that we would call him Pax. I normally choose a name because I like it and not so much because of the meaning. If it has a symbolic meaning, that's just a bonus. So there is a bonus here. I do love that Pax means "peaceful" and I look forward to seeing how that will play out in his life. And I might as well fit Holden into this blog. I also like that Holden means "in the valley". Why would I like that, you ask? Because before Holden came along, we spent some time in that valley kicking around the dirt. And when Holden entered our lives, we exited that valley and haven't been back since. So there is a little bit of randomness about my boys' names . . . not much else going on to report.


L said...

A good friend of mine has a 3 year old boy named Paxton. She liked the name Pax, but chose Paxton so it would be different than Ms. Jolie's son's name.

For a couple of years we planned to name our first daughter Shiloh. It was meaningful to me because it is the biblical city that housed the temple in which Hannah prayed for Samuel, and God really grew my understanding and love for him through that story when I was in the darkest phase of my struggle with infertility/childlessness. When I heard that Brad Pitt & Angelina had named their first biological child Shiloh I was so mad! I felt like they ruined my name. Now time has passed and I would consider using it again, but I still feel like the association is pretty strong. =)

Diana Hill said...

It never even crossed my mind that was the same name as Angelina's kid. I think it is a good unique name! People can assume all they want but you obviusly were not "copying" the name just b/c it was a celebrity pick!

everyday graces said...

I never thought you copied. I figured you picked it more for the meaning which I love that it means peaceful. I picked my kids names based partly on like and partly on meaning. I'm a huge name meaning kind of girl. Kate means pure Sinclaire means prayer. She certainly was an answer to my pure prayer ;-) Colin MacRae means Victorious Son of Grace

Katie said...

I love both of their names. "Jaden" think Will Smith ha ha. I kind of did hear it their first. Oh well their were no Jaden's when I named him now it is one of the most popular names.