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Friday, January 28, 2011

This week . . .

Obviously Monday was a big day in our home. But the rest of the week has been low key. One morning, I pulled out Holden's art box that my sister made for him as a Christmas gift. Such a cool idea. See?
And we got to crafting and cutting and stamping and stickering. He even made Jeremy a birthday card for Sunday. It was a pretty fun crafty morning for Holden.Later Pax and Holden sat for a while and rolled a ball. I love it when they play together. Even if it's something so simple as rolling a ball. :)
Well, and then today . . .we had this beautiful spring weather! It felt like April. Crazy warm. So after naps, we spent a good chunk of time outside in the backyard enjoying the sunshine.

Very low key. My kind of week.


Misty said...

I love ...I mean LOVE the new blog header. It is perfect!!!!

Melodie said...

thanks. it's all a work in progress until my hubs has some time to help me out. coding is not my gift. :)