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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

weekend visitors.

This past weekend, we had a visit from our wonderful friends that live in Oklahoma City. This was the first time they had brought their daughter, Abigail, to our house. We became friends with Kevin and Andrea pretty soon after moving to OKC. And we just never had a clue what we would have in common 5 years later. God led us to adoption in different ways but now we share similar hearts and a unique commonality. Abigail came home from Ethiopia last April. She is pretty precious and a sweetie and Holden thought so too. He invaded her bubble ALOT. He just has to be right up on everyone. No concept of personal space yet for Holden. :) But we had so much fun with our friends. Staying up late chatting and playing games. And I learned how fun Mario Brothers is with 4 players! Oh my, I've never laughed so hard and it will never be as much fun with 2 players again. That was a nighttime thing after the kids went to bed. And since it's becoming a habit, we took no pictures of the adults. Just the kiddos.
On Friday morning we all went to the Children's Museum:

Thanks friends for making the trip and spending you weekend with us. We enjoyed every minute!

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The Myers said...

She is precious. So glad y'all had a fun weekend.