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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

some favorite gifts.

Okay, we loved all of our Christmas gifts this year. I promise. Even if it's not posted here. I just blew a wad of cash at the outlet mall today. So I obviously loved that gift! Thanks mom and dad. But here were a few cool ones that I wanted to mention.

Jeremy's great aunt bought the boy this cool tent with attaching tunnel (not included in my picture). They have gone absolutely BANANAS over it! And so I took of picture of them with it so we could show her how much they love it. We didn't get to do Christmas Eve with Jeremy's extended family, as we were with my family this year. But Jeremy's sister delivered our gifts when she came to our house last week. So his sweet Aunt Pat didn't get to see how much they love their tent. This picture will be going in the mail to her so she can see for herself. I debated getting a tent like this one for Christmas. But since we tend to keep the gifts to a minimum, I didn't buy it. And so my mouth hung open when they opened this. And literally, it seems like we've just given Holden 7 spoonfuls of sugar everytime he gets to playing in the tent and tunnel. It does something a little crazy to that boy. Pax loves it too. He's just not as hyper as Holden. (thank you, God.)
My sister and brother-in-law (maybe more just the brother-in-law. Honestly, not sure) made this creative BIG gift for us. It was so big, I wasn't sure where it was going to exactly land. And though I would have LOVED for it to go in the kitchen, with all the windows and cabinets, I didn't have the wall space. So for now, it's in the playroom. And we are ATTEMPTING to do some family scriptures together. Memorization for Jeremy and I and lots of talking about it and reading it to the boys. That's one of my hopes for 2011. That as parents, we will be dilligent with this for our kids. But probably even more so, for us and our own hearts. You may not be able to tell in the picture, but it's an old window frame. They painted it and distressed it and then added the chalkboard paint. Such a cute idea and I love it!
And the last cool gift I'm showing you is this little wooden nativity. Jeremy's mom and her husband found it for Jeremy. But I love it as if it's my own. :) I love the wooden silhouette of the scene. It's simple. And it's perfect.


kh123 said...

As soon as the boys are old enough I'd put them in Awanas- it will help the entire family with scripture learning! My boys can quote many verses and do so without being prompted!

Glad you all had an awesome Christmas (I blew through $200 like it was going outta style!)

Kari said...

We got the same tent for Christmas and my kids are the same way. fun

Katie said...

How fun! Love the chalkboard!!