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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas with Papa J and Nana

We arrived at Papa J and Nana's house in the late afternoon of Christmas Eve. The Colorado sister (Amanda) and her family were already there. The Texas sister (Amy) and her family arrived shortly after. It was fun to have all 7 grandkids together because it seems to be a rare treat. One of those things that happens a couple of times per year, which in my opinion, is not often enough. And of course, it was fun for me to have both sisters together and the husbands. Those boys get along perfectly and are great friends, which is such a blessing. We had several days together, which also included Christmas at both of my grandparents homes. I was kind of spotty with my camera. Sometimes I had it on me and other times I didn't. So here are just a few of the pictures I do have from the days we were at my mom and dad's house.
All of the grandchildren eating around the dining table. If you only count 6, then check the back right corner. Ava is in the high chair. The same one my sisters and I used growing up.
Bella is 16 months older than Holden and they get along really well. She likes to play little mommy and he loves for her to play that role. The other reason they get along so well, is her gentle and sweet spirit. I'm pretty sure that Miss Bella can get along with just about anybody. She really is too sweet for words.
Papa J holding the little ones. Ava is 6 weeks younger than Pax. I have several pictures of the 2 of them together . . . We did a little playing outside.And lots of playing inside.
Including a group effort of a gingerbread house and a gingerbread train.
And then the infamous dance party that seems to happen when these kids get together.
Nana opened up a doll hospital and made a few repairs. :) Bella's Dora doll had some issues. And then Holden's monkey almost had his face bitten off by Holden. Ugh. This has happened slowly since he gave up his paci. But now monkey is as good as new!You see, it was busy and crowded and just plain nuts at times. But so fun! And it was a sweet time of fellowship for our family. And it was definitely a fun time for the kids. Little, fun memories that are starting to form, for some in the group.
And when we returned home the next Monday, we quickly began preparing for company. One last Christmas to celebrate with Jeremy's family. Coming soon.


Amanda said...

Such cute pictures! I love that one of Ava trying to get a smooch. :) But, what happened to the pictures of us? I didn't get any either. Having kids has made us almost invisible. :) Well...I guess someone has to be behind the camera, right? Loved spending time all together!

The Skains Family said...

I was thinking the same thing Amanda. Where are the sister pictures??!?! Looks like you guys all had so much fun together. Love the pics of Ava and Pax. Super cute!