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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on Paxy-Pax! **updated**

I realize there is a birth mother out there that is probably way more interested in posts like these, than what I'm feeding my family for dinner. :) So here it goes. It's all about Pax. I love this age! He turned 13 months on Sunday. And it's just a fun age. He has become Mr. Personality around here. Fake laughing to make us all laugh. Fake crying to make us feel sorry for him. Making silly noisy in his throat and then giggling when it gets our attention. Playing peek-a-boo in the curtains and behind the furniture. He is full of entertainment. He is much more vocal now. He tries to repeat much of what we say. I'm pretty sure he said "dump truck" last week after I said it. I know that sounds ridiculous but a stranger heard him also and just about thought he was a genious. :) I love to hear him babble. But of everything Pax does and all his attempts to entertain, my favorite is his dancing. We must get it on video soon. The boy hears any kind of music and he gets to movin' and groovin'. If a toy starts playing music, he dances. He dances in the car to the radio, or when a cell phone goes off. The boy loves to dance. And by now, I think he's learned that we find it pretty cute, so he's got some good motivation to show off. He's an easy eater right now. He doesn't turn down much of anything. Isn't it a great, but short lived stage sometimes? He's on his feet alot these days, but not walking. In fact, when we let go of him, he takes a few steps (sometimes) but quickly goes to his knees to crawl. I know he'll be walking in time. Pax always takes a little time to do most anything. Perhaps it's just all part of his sweet personality. For now, he is cruising around furniture and standing up for long periods of time on his own. He is a great sleeper. We put him to bed at 7:30pm and on Sunday we had to wake him at 9am to make it to church on time. For the last few weeks, I catch myself having to do this often. Then there are other days, like today, where he woke on his own at 8am. His wake time has been pretty inconsistent lately and I've thought that's been strange. And then today, I think I figured out the reason. As he was crying in his high chair at lunch time, I noticed a HUGE swollen, tender area where a molar is about to break through. So then as I started feeling his gums, I realized he was sprouting at least 5 new teeth, at minimum. There may be more that I don't see signs of yet. 5 teeth all at once! His 2 top molars have barely cut through and I didn't even know he was teething. I mean, it's always a guess. I just hadn't checked his mouth in a while. Holden always slept more during teething, so I'm allowing that to explain his lazy mornings. 5 teeth, people! That's the way I prefer it. Get 'em all in at once.

Pax loves his daddy. His face lights up when Jeremy walks in from work. And Jeremy's face pretty much lights up too to see 2 little boys so eager for their daddy. And since we're counting, my face pretty much lights up to, to see some help walk through the door. :) So long to my momma's boy days. In fact, daddy trumps anyone and everyone in Pax's book. Except maybe Papa J. He sure LOVES his Papa J. In fact, after being away from me for 48 hours, Papa J returned from work and he crawled right past me and reached up to him! What in the world?! He is such a lover. He loves to give kisses. Sometimes he does it when we ask and sometimes he just leans forward and voluntarily plants one on me.

This age really is a delight. I remember it well with Holden. And though the desire for independence starts to come out around this time, which can sometimes be a challenge, it's still alot of fun. On the other hand, 2 1/2 is kicking my tail! :) Here are some recent pictures of Pax.
His first roller-coaster. The little dare devil, loved it. :)
Playing with friend, Camryn. We had to stop them from licking the netting. Gross!

He loves cars and trucks. Very much like his brother.

My sweet boy!

**As of 4pm today, he's walking. Still crawling alot, but can walk across the room with a bit of encouragement. And even stops to clap for himself since that is what he sees his momma doing! Video coming soon! And for the record, it's just as exciting with baby #2! :) **


everyday graces said...

he has the most beautiful eyes. what a precious babe you have!

Rebekah said...

How fun! Steven is 100% Daddy's boy right now too. He asks for him when he wakes up and cries for him when he wakes up in the night (not complaining about that one!). I'm sure one of these days he'll realize that Mommy isn't half bad :)