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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school for the big brother.

Holden started back to Mother's Day Out today. He is now in the 2 year old class which makes him a cute, little Honey Bee. He will only go 1 day per week. That is just enough time to do some housework and grocery shopping plus get some extra one on one time with Pax. I have also decided that we will be having some "school" time at home this year. We'll do our school stuff as Paxton naps in the mornings and on days that it's convenient for us. Nothing too rigid. But I have been researching and printing out some fun little age appropriate (I hope!) worksheets for him. Holden LOVES school! He really does. We have been talking about his return to school since last Friday at Meet the Teachers. But when I would mention the word "school" he would firmly say "no". Mind you this is also what he does when he can view our church from the car window. But once we get there, he always runs in happily to play. So I wasn't too alarmed by his reaction to our discussions on school. So today, as soon as we walked into the familiar building, he stopped in his tracks and suddenly wanted me to hold him. I had Pax in a stroller, while carrying Holden's nap mat. Carrying him was impossible. So he held onto my pants pocket as we made our way to his room. He hesitated, until I reminded him that there were toy cars in that room. At that point, he walked in, made his way to the cars and started playing. I spoke with the teachers and headed out the door to take advantage of every spare moment. That MDO day sure does fly by fast! I came straight home and put Pax down for a nap. Then I changed and washed bed linens. I mopped the tile floor. I moved Paxton's new birthday toys upstairs to the playroom.(Yes, I haven't been in a huge hurry to reorganize since the party.) I folded some laundry. I returned a few emails. I found this recipe that I am about to get started on for breakfast this week. I finished up my grocery list. I wrote several thank you cards. And then he woke. I fed Pax some lunch and off to the grocery store we went. Back home, I unloaded groceries while Paxton played. We played together for about 15 minutes and then it was time to go and get Holden from school. See, these days just FLY BY! Holden was still sleeping once I got to his room. They told me he had been full of smiles all day. One teacher described him as "such a happy kid". Warms my heart. :) They told me how he got the giggles at naptime (which I know from experience is him being overly tired and going into delirious mode.) But when the teacher sat next to him and rubbed his back, he was asleep within 2 seconds. On his report, he was described as happy, cooperative and friendly. Sounds like an angel, huh? Well, I know he's not. But I'm so glad he pretends when mommy and daddy are not around. :) It makes leaving him and not worrying about him, super simple. And I do have to admit, he is pure sweetness much of the time. Glad he shows off this side at school.
And here is one of the masterpieces that Holden made today. I love to see the little crafts and projects that he brings home. And he loves to show Jeremy his work at the end of the day. It's going to be a great year for Holden. And Wednesdays are going to be extra special!
And this picture is for my friend that recently said "Look how well Holden is doing with the spoon!" Yeah, not so well. Too bad they won't be working on this little skill at MDO. I'm pretty sure he LOVES to be messy. And I'm pretty sure the yogurt all over the face was completely intentional. :) Boys!


kh123 said...

3 great words to have from a teacher!

(oh, and I do the laughing/delirious thing)

Sara said...

I love seeing what those cute boys are up to these days! Sounds like you had a mighty productive 1st day back to MDO! Go you! :)

everyday graces said...

I think holden and kate have the same "type" of backpack (not the hello kitty u saw in the pic). He's so cute and looking like such a big boy. Love the giggles at naptime. Kate is more serious and pretty much wakes up crying after nap. I hear you on the time flies thing too.

Misty said...

Holden monogrammed farm backpack is super cute. Plus, it matches his shirt. :)

How did the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins turn out? I am always looking for mew recipes.

Melodie said...

thanks Misty! the matching was unintentional, but i noticed it too once i looked at the photo. :)

as for the muffins, they were delish! the recipe will be a repeat. and as quickly as we have been eating them up, i may be repeating it sooner than later.

The Skains Family said...

So cute! But now I feel like the worst mom ever because I am just starting to try a little "school" at home. Yikes! So we will have to chat and talk about where you are getting your ideas.