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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pax's weigh in for 1 year!

Pax went to the doctor this morning for his 12 month appointment. He had to get those awful shots! To which he cried. Very loudly. And then Holden cried with him. Even louder. And Holden cried far longer than Pax did. It was kind of hysterical. But my heart was pretty happy by Holden's compassion for his little brother. Now, to set the story straight, Holden had shots also today. And being the brave big brother, he went before Pax. Now really I did this because I knew there would be no way Holden would lay still once he watched Pax get poked. So Holden went first. That was my call. And se screamed, cried and tried to wiggle away at the first moment of pain. And his feelings were completely hurt by the entire process of the nice nurse and his loving mommy holding him down to stick needles in his legs. But with a reminder that he earned a sucker and a sticker, he calmed down and climbed into the seat of the stroller. And then it was Pax's turn. And when little bubba let out that first cry, Holden just couldn't help himself but join in. I laughed. Probably a little too much. Wish I would have video taped it. :)

But at just over 1 year, our little Pax is definitely not little. Today he measured 31 inches long (75-90%) and 23lbs and 5oz (50-75%). Oddly enough this was almost Holden's exact size at 1 year! The only difference? 5 ounces. And Holden was actually the heavier.

As for Holden, since they measured and weighed today, then I might as well share. He was 32.5lbs (75-90%) and 38.5inches tall (97+%). He's gained 2lbs and grown 1.5inches in 3 months. Craziness! Which might explain why his 3T pants are almost close to looking like high waters.

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