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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And now he's big.

Pax suddenly turned into a big boy last week. He got his first haircut. By none other, than his daddy.
So here is the new do!
I realize that the cut is probably only noticable to us. But he does look different to Jeremy and I now. It always amazes me how that first haircut can do that. No matter how minimal the change. But for the past several months Pax had kind of rubbed some hair off the back of his head, making it thinner at the back. But it had grown like crazy around the crown of his head. So his hair was beginning to look a little disheveled. Jeremy didn't want to cut it. I pushed. And I won. :) And now all his little hairs are even, so that's a good thing. Have I mentioned that we do nothing to his hair? Holden's hair required prodcuts within the first couple of months. So far, Pax's hair is easy breezy. And because it's still pretty thin, I rarely even comb it. Just a little side note about his simple hair.

Then the following day, he rode forward facing! We hadn't taken the time to turn his carseat around until this past weekend. And now, speaking from my experience with 2 children; I think flipping the carseat is more for the parents than the kids. Pax could not have cared less about our drive to church on Sunday. That he was facing mommmy and daddy and sitting just like Holden. Honestly, he was completely UNamused by this event. And what I'm noticing so far about Pax being forward facing, is that it's harder for him to fall asleep. He was completely content staring at the boring backseat and drifting off to sleep. He was a great little traveler. Well, now he can see me, but can't get to me. So he fusses. We may have ruined a good thing. :) But here he is on his first ride forward facing.
And here are the boys together.
See how unamused? Just staring out the window as if no monumental change has just happened!
So, there you have it. Our little guy is now a big boy!


Lindsey said...

They are both so cute! Congrats on Pax' milestones.

Feel free to turn him back around so he sleeps better. It's now being recommended to keep your child rearfacing as long as you are able to do it (individual carseats have height and weight maximums).

That said, we did turn Anthony already (did it when he was 25 months) because we were travelling cross-country, and darn it, it's just easier to load a very crowded vehicle without that seat sticking out into the space where he sits! I feel like I probably should turn him back around (he's 26 months now) but I need to check if his weight and height would still be within the limits for this seat. I think they would.

Lindsey said...

Oops, my link didn't work. Just google "rear facing car seat" and it's the first link that pops up.

everyday graces said...

The big carseat turnaround! Sometimes it's more eventful for us than for them :-)

Rebekah said...

We were the opposite on haircuts here--Mark was dying to cut Steven's hair, and I was the holdout. Finally, Auntie E (birthmom) got me to cut it. It's so sad how old they look after that first cut!

Michelle's still rear facing in her seat (21 months). They changed the recommendation from 12 months to 24 months, so we're keeping her rear facing for now. She could care less, but it drives Mark crazy because it's harder to get her in when she arches her back. When we eventually get a van, I'm sure we'll turn her around.