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Thursday, September 9, 2010

some pictures . . .

For whatever reason, life has felt a little busy the past few weeks. But almost daily, I keep snapping pictures. So here's what we've got on the camera.Falling in love with his first juice box. These were left over from the Pax-Man party. We never have juice in this house. We rarely offer to our kids. But since Pax's switch to whole milk, their have been some digestive issues that you would probably rather I not get into right now. Juice may become a must for this little guy, unless you have some healthier suggestions.
The boys watching Baby Signing Times. Pax is completely mesmerized by it. Though I haven't been consistent, so he has only watched it a handful of times. But he has now caught onto "more" and "all done". If only he could be consistent with "more" instead of squealing into that decibal range that you never want your ears to be exposed to. Just believe me when I can say he can be loud and get your attention. Don't let this next sweet face fool you. :)
Just because the slightly cooler weather made me pull out some cooler weather clothes. Oh how I love these hand-me-down camo pants.
Watching the rain.
Working on his letter "C" caterpillar and obviously trying to color with 3 crayons at once.
And having a little fun with a glue stick, so that we could make this . . .

Hiding his little car in the cookware. Smart, little cookie that boy is! He loves to put things into containers. Maybe he will be organized.
Giving daddy morning snuggles before work. You see that bear hug? This boy can be such a cuddle bug!

I love, love, love-love-love, love my boys!


The Swifts said...

We understand the milk issue around here! We did goat's milk and then she was allergic to that, although it is sooo much easier to digest. So, we switched to almond milk and it's wonderful. Just add a multi-vitamin!

The Everharts said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Love that juicebox pic! It goes right along with Rylin's!