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Monday, September 13, 2010

my cure for cabin fever.

Over the past 2 weeks, I came down with cabin fever. You see, the water park closed down, school started back up along with many of our friends involved in Pre-school/MDO and for whatever reason I just stayed put at home. For 2 weeks. By last Friday I was feeling a little blue and decided to make this week different. So I started making phone calls and make some plans for myself.

Today we made our first visit to the FW Children's Museum. I went ahead and bought a 5-person pass so we can go for free for the next year. And since Pax is under 2, he is already free. So we can bring up to 3 friends each time we go! Tell me when you want to go as we welcome guests. In fact, today I was thinking, it would be more fun for Holden if he had some little friends along to play with. And it will be tons more fun for Pax when he is walking! And with the efforts we're seeing, walking is in the very near future. But today it was just the 3 of us.

Holden had fun at the doctor station. You could diaper the baby dolls, weigh them, give them shots and even drive an ambulance. He did all of the above. Pax found a shaker that he loved.
Holden played a round of Supermarket Sweep! Not exactly, but it kind of looks that way in my action shot.
Holden still loves anything with wheels that he can push. So he was glued to this grocery cart for quite some time!He did a little grocery shopping and we were able to talk about all the foods he placed in the basket.We ended our fun at the museum with a little bit of water fun. Holden loved these water guns!
By this point, Pax was more than ready to blow this joint. So then we enjoyed our picnic lunch outside under an umbrella and headed home for long naps (I hope!). Those are taking place now.
I have a packed week planned. A play date with our buddy Max, a productive MDO Day and possibly another morning at the museum with friends! No more cabin fever for me!


Misty said...

Your day looked really fun and exciting. I loved the produce bins and carts. Every child, regardless of gender, loves to push around a grocery cart.

If you are looking for fun activities to do...check out your local library. Our libraries in Minnesota always have free activities including storytellers and puppet shows. Some teacher stores (such as Lakeshore Learning)have free workshops for preschool age children.

If you would like more ideas send me a quick email. I am always planning fun and free activities for my day care kiddos.

DeBrady said...

I have been wondering if Mason would have fun there. Didn't know if it would be too "big" for him. Judging from the pictures though I think he would love it. Good idea! Sounds like a fun week! :)